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How I Became A World Class Designer in 10 Minutes

I have something interesting to share with. About a week ago, I tested Yahoo! Answers, and I’m still receiving a few visitors a day from the test. I also tested running a contest, and it worked great at the time of the contest. Now, as I’m writing this, I’m not receiving traffic from the contest, but hopefully some of the visitors are still with me.

A few days ago I decided to become a professional designer 😀

I did it in less than 10 minutes.

And I’m receiving traffic to my blog from the 10 minutes I spent. Actually I think I’ll be receiving a lot of traffic from the 10 minutes and the $90.

Ok. I’ll be honest with you.

I didn’t learn how to design, and I’m not a Guru, not at all. All I did was sponsor a beautiful WordPress theme. I found one that I really thought was amazing, it’s the Mac Blog theme. You can watch it here. I paid the designer $90, and now, you can read in the footer that it’s designed by me, and there’s also a link to my blog.

I could have sponsored one link, or two links, but I decided to sponsor everything. I don’t consider this cheating, although it looks like I designed the theme, but I didn’t. To me, it’s a lot like PLR. You buy the article or the e-book, and you add your name as the author. It’s about the same.

If my link is the only link in the footer, people using the theme (hopefully) won’t delete the link. If there are more than one link, then, they might find it annoying and might want to delete them (at least some of them).

If the link to my blog will end up on hundreds of blogs, it will provide me with lots of link juice. Hopefully it will be very helpful when it comes to ranking in the various search engines.

If the theme is awesome, and I think this one is, then lots of people will download and use the theme. When lots of people are using it, traffic will be generated, and people will eventually click on the link to my blog, and this will continue for a long time.

You can sponsor themes at Digital Point.

I will let you know about the results. So far, 46 people have downloaded the theme and I have received about 10 visitors. But it’s only been a few days.

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  1. Chastity says:

    Just curious….is the $90 a one time payment only?

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