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How I Am Tracking The Clicks On My Links

Tracking is important. Testing is important. I have detailed statistics when it comes to the traffic to my websites, related to who are visiting and the traffic sources. I also look at how much time they spend on my websites, and the top contents.

I use Google Analytics for my webstatistics. It’s free, powerful and fairly easy to use.

I also track clicks to outgoing links on my websites. I use Google Analytics for this as well.

The number of clicks will show up as pageviews. Here’s a detailed description about how to use Google Analytics to track your clicks.

I use Google Analytics for everything related to the traffic on my websites. But, I also track clicks from Twitter and Facebook, and from other sources.

I use from StumbleUpon for this.

All the information I receive, is related to how many unique clicks each link have received, and what time they were clicked. It’s not detailed at all, but enough to understand if the links are popular or not.

A while ago, I almost bought Affiliate Prophet, but I didn’t. It looks like a very powerful system for tracking traffic and sales. I thought it looked too detailed for me.

So, this is how I do it. What about you?

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