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How good is really DealDotCom?

I joined when they first launched, but I have still not bought any of their products. I am not saying that the products they are promoting are not good, but they haven`t been interesting enough for me yet. I can see that a lot of other people have bought them, so I guess some do find them interesting.

What I suggest

I would want a place for their members to give feedback on products they would like to buy. Today, we can all discuss each product they sell. And that`s a great thing, some get great testimonials and others will have not so great ones. That`s just how it is.

If we could have an open discussion regarding what sort of products we would like to see added at DealDotCom, then it would be easier for all of us to buy the products and then in the end it would be easier to earn money for the affiliates.

I am not sure if they are doing the right thing when it comes to promoting their products. Should they only list them at their site and use the RSS feed for their members? What about sending an email everytime they add a new product to their list? The problem with this is that they would have to send a new email every single day, most people might find this annoying and might cancel their accounts just because of this.

…but what if they had this as an option? Their members could not get emails as default, but they could get it if they want it. I think that would be something that I would be interested in.

What about the prices?
A few times I have seen products for sale at DealDotCom that I thought I could get cheaper other places, but the prices have mostly been quite good. This is especially for high priced products, the higher the normal price, the better the savings.

Does DealDotCom suck
I have seen this statement a few places already, and I understand that not all people are satisfied with DealDotCom. I understand that some products might be too expensive, but what is important is that you will save money on every offer, even though you might not save a lot.

Making money with DealDotCom
I haven`t made any money with DealDotCom (but other people have) and I am not sure if I will ever do any massive marketing campaigns in order to try. I signed up to receive good deals on good products, and so far I haven`t been interested enough in their products, but that might all change very soon.

It`s hard to say if this is something you should consider if you are looking for a great money making opportunity. I haven`t heard from people earning a lot from this yet. But this is probably because the DealDotCom site was launched just a few weeks ago or so.

I will stay with them and see what kind of products they will come up with.

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