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How giving away iCon will help your Marketing

Are you familiar with the book iCon, about Steve Jobs and The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business Well, I just received the book in the mail. It was sent all the way from Australia to my home in Norway. The reason for this long journey is because I won a competition over at

I am not sure how I stumbled upon the competition, but I visited the blog, I subscribed to it, I commented and I won the book.

I am not the winning type, and at first I thought it was a joke. I can probably count the fingers on my left hand to find out how many times I have won something in my life, but soon I guess I might have to start counting the fingers on my right hand as well.

Anyway, what Robert Mirabito at did with his competition was great marketing for his blog, and I think that he should continue doing it. One book each month, that is if he can afford it. Buying a book and doing the competition does not cost a lot, and it doesn`t take that much time either. People like myself will visit his blog over and over again because of this, and I bet he will get a lot of links back to his blog as well (just look at what I am doing here).

The books he should be offering as a prize should all be related to the topic of his blog. This way, all his readers will be interested in continue to read his blog and continue to try to win the prizes. Receiving a physical prize in the mail is a lot better than winning a digital product online. I am still smiling when I look at iCon.

But I guess it’s time to start reading it and stop smiling. Thank’s Robert, I really appreciate it and keep the interesting stories at SpinDigg coming.

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  1. Kimberly Dawn Wells says:

    Thanks for mentioning Squidoo! You’re absolutely right. The key to getting the best exposure online is to focus on and create niches.

    Instead of writing about marketing, write about marketing your CafePress shop on your MySpace page. Instead of writing about vacations, write about finding the best place to stay on the south side of Minneapolis. Instead of writing about the best business books, list the best business books for freelance writers.

    By breaking these topics down you’re creating exactly what visitors are looking for – the focused answer to their question.

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