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How to Get your Name to the Top of Google

I have just been attending a conference. Eirik Newth a rather famous Norwegian blogger had an excellent lecture about web 2.0 and education.

When he was asked about his contact information, he just referred to Google. He is usually number 1 if you search for his first name Eirik. If you remember his first name and you use Google, that was enough to find his contact information.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to do the same with your name?

I guess he has an advantage with a rather uncommon name, well, it’s rather common in Norway, but it’s not common internationally. If you use Google and search for Eirik, you’ll get 2.3 million results.

If I do the same with Jens (my name) I get 36.5 million results. It seems to be really hard to reach the top 10, especially if you see that Jens Lehman the famous German football goalkeeper is at number 2 and that the prime minister of Norway is Jens Stoltenberg.

Anyway, I am going to try.

I started about 10 minutes ago. My first step was to edit my about page. Instead of just having the title, About me and slymarketing, the new title is: About Jens P. Berget and slymarketing.

I should probably also edit the url, now it’s /about, I guess it would be a lot better if I use /jens

I will wait and see what happens to my google rankings first.

4 responses to “How to Get your Name to the Top of Google”

  1. annon says:

    The $2 report is an ad for a $37 ebook with the REAL content. I suspect it is a warning for adsense arbitrage and MFA sites.

  2. Tim Linden says:

    Yeah, I bought the $2 advertisement. Won’t buy the $37 ebook.

  3. Joe Nameth says:

    Anyone got a link to the $37 ebook?

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