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How To Get Subscribers Without Annoying Your Visitors

I wasn´t sure about this long title, but I think it gets my point out in a way that I couldn´t do with a shorter title. What I have been thinking about today and many times before, is how do you attract your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or whatever, using an optin form, without annoy everybody else?

Let me give you an example. A lot of people are having so called “fly in ads”, ads that can´t be blocked by popup blockers, it just get´s in your face. When you see an ad like that one time, well, then you might not get that annoyed, but when you see the ad for the ninth time on the same site, well, then you might not want to come back. This might not be a big problem, because most of the “fly in ads” uses cookies and you will (hopefully) just see the ads one time, until you reset the cookies and then you will see it again. But some of the “fly in ads” have problems with WordPress (and maybe with other blogging platforms as well, I don´t really know). So at wordpress blogs, you might have to watch the ads fly in your face more than one time.

So, I have a choice to have a “fly in ad” that will get your attention, and you might sign up for my newsletter. But I don´t really like that sort of advertisements. It gets in the way of my contents, and then I think my visitors (at least the ones that come back to read my posts) will get a little annoyed if they see the same ad over and over again.

I then have a choice to put a subscription form in the sidebar or below each post or maybe somewhere else. The problem with this is that my visitors will hardly notice the newsletter option, and very few will sign up. If you use the popover script, then everybody will see it.

I guess there´s no easy answer for what to use.

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  1. Tom De Nert says:

    I read that Internet Explorer is a bit temperamental when it comes to favicons. But no worries, I can see yours in my IE7. has a good one, a yellow smiley, stands out from miles away unfortunately.

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