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How To Get People To Open Verification Emails

I have been kind of struggling for a while regarding how to get people to actually open up my verification emails and verifying their subscriptions.

Ok, I should probably be more specific and less cryptic.

I have a newsletter, or more like many interesting reports, that I am sending to people using my autoresponder. AWeber is the system I am using, if you are interested. The newsletter is called Internet Marketing Tips, and you can join it at the top of my blog.


If you want to receive “Internet Marketing Tips” you need to verify your subscription, by opening up an e-mail from me and then clicking a link inside the e-mail. This is done to reduce spam, and so that nobody can sign you up for a newsletter you don’t want.

It’s two-step-process. You sign up using your name and your e-mail address. A few minutes later, you receive an e-mail where you are told to verify that you want to sign up for the newsletter, and that the e-mail address you used to sign up is actually yours.

I have been looking at the stats in AWeber for a while and I see that a lot of people have signed up for “Internet Marketing Tips”, and many are verifying their e-mail addresses, but a lot of people are not doing that.

I am thinking. Why are so many people not verifying their subscription? Is it because they are not receiving my e-mails, maybe many people will only get them in their spam folders? Or maybe it’s because a lot of people changed their mind, and don’t want the reports? Or is my message, the headline and the rest of the e-mail I am sending out to verify their subscription not good enough?

I am thinking that it might be the headline. Most people interested in Internet Marketing are on many lists, and they receive a lot of e-mails every single day. If the headline is not appealing, then they just won’t open up the e-mail and they won’t verify the subscription.

The e-mail from AWeber is being sent automatically, and it might take a few minutes after the visitor hit the subscription button. A few minutes after they have hit the button, they might be all over the Internet doing something completely different. They might have forgotten all about “Internet Marketing Tips” and when they receive an uninteresting headline, they just hit delete.

So, what I have decided to do is to do some testing. I am trying various headlines, each headline for a week at a time. This way, I can which one gets the most verifications. Right now, I am using the standard one from AWeber, as I think this one is a headline many people are familiar with and one that will get most people’s attention.

The headline is this:

RESPONSE REQUIRED: Confirm your request for information from {!listname}

What do you think, are you having success with a different headline?

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