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How To Get Noticed On A Bulletin Board

Have you ever tried to post a note on a free bulletin board at your local grocery store? If you haven’t, you might want to try it. A lot of people are looking at them every single day, and it’s usually completely free to post them.

But, there is one problem though.

Usually, there can be close to a hundred notes on a bulletin board, some of them selling used bikes, some selling Playstation or Xbox, some asking to rent an apartment, and some would like to announce a concert at the local church. There are all sorts of notes, and all sorts of people reading them.

How do you get noticed on a bulletin board like that?

ICA Bulletin Board

I have just been to Gothenburg, and the image above is from an ICA super market.

The Wall

You should consider the color of the background wall before you design your own note. If the wall is plain white, you should consider using red, blue, green or any other color as the color of your paper. Then, write your text with a white font.

The other notes

You should do some research when it comes to the other notes. Come back two or three times, and see if the notes on the bulletin board looks similar or if you can’t really see a pattern. Sometimes, you can see a few very cool notes that stands out from the crowd. Other times, you might find that all the notes are almost identical. White paper with black text.

If this bulletin board almost only have the “ordinary” notes, white paper with black text, you should really go for something completely different. If almost all of the notes are really cool, with lots of color. Then, you might be better off with the plain white paper with black text note.

The audience

Where is your bulletin board located? If it’s located at your local grocery store, you need to start thinking about who shops at this store. If it’s all sorts of people, well, then you can put all sorts of notes on the board. If most customers have kids, that could be something you should target with your advertisement. If you know that most people shopping there have little money to spend, you might want to target that. What I am saying is that, you should think about who your audience will be, and target this audience.


You should always look out for bullies, people that will tear down your note, or put their note on top of yours. If you see that this have been done to other notes, you should probably come back in a few days and see if your note still is up, and everything is ok.

Now, it’s time to hit the local grocery store with your note.

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