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How to get inside the Playboy Mansion

Most bloggers can write as much as they want and they will never get more than a few sites linking to their posts. The reason for that is that most bloggers are ordinary people writing ordinary stuff. Why should we link to ordinary stuff? Normal people are no fun or?

We want to write about people with interesting and/or “wild” ideas, people who do stuff others won´t do. And when it comes to marketing, there are no better way to get your name all over the Internet than to come up with a “wild” idea and send your idea to a few bloggers. Seconds later, your name and your idea will be known on all the continents of the World. As an example of this I have recently stumbled upon a funny blog from three guys on a mission. At first I thought something like, “why didn´t I think of that?”, but then I woke up and realized that I have a wife and two kids 🙂

It sounds like these three guys behind Poolboys at the Mansion are having a great time. They have a wonderful and hillarious idea and I wish them all the luck in the world. I bet that there are a few men (and even more boys) that will be envious if they actually become Poolboys at the mansion, but guess what?

… I bet that they will be and that we´ll se a documentary sometime soon as well.

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