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How To Get Fans On StumbleUpon

The reason why many people use StumbleUpon is the fact that you can get a lot of traffic from it, that is, if you use it right.

And when I say that you need to be using it the right way, it means that you need to be networking. You need to be social. You need to get a lot of fans.

I believe that you need to be doing four things in order to get your fans:

1. Stumble (thumbs up or down) on many sites
2. Write reviews about sites you like (or the ones you don’t like)
3. Add a cool picture (to represent yourself)
4. Create a cool and creative profile

Stumble as many websites as possible
StumbleUpon is about discovering new websites. It’s probably the easiest tool to find websites you like. I am discovering at least 30 new really cool websites every single day, all because I use the StumbleUpon toolbar (and that’s why I highly recommend it). If you don’t like the website, you just click on the thumbs down. This way, you will receive more websites of your choice the next time you decide to use StumbleUpon.

The more times you stumble websites, the higher the chances are that people will visit your profile, and the higher the chances are that they will start following you (and what you do) on StumbleUpon. They will eventually become your fans (by adding you as a friend).

Write reviews
If you decide to stumble a website, you should also write a review. Write as many reviews as possible, and remember to be honest. Tell people why you stumbled the website, or why you clicked on “thumbs down”. If you do this, more people will see your opinion, and eventually more people will visit your profile (and become your fan).

Add a cool picture
Every member of StumbleUpon can add a picture in their profile. The reason you need to do this, is because your picture will be on all of your reviews, and attached to all of the websites you have stumbled.

Usually, people add a picture of themselves, but a lof of creative people have realized that you can get a lot more attention if you add a very cool picture of something or someone else. Some people add pictures of celebrities (beautiful women), some people add pictures of cool cartoons. It’s all about getting attention. The more attention you get, the more people will visit your profile, and the more people will eventually become your fans.

Write a cool and creative profile
When people visit your profile, you want it to be different. There are more than 5 million members at StumbleUpon, you need make your profile better and way cooler than the rest. It needs to stand out from the crowd, you should want them to want to become your fan. If it’s dull, most likely they will turn around and start stumbling websites again. Try to make an impression.

I believe this will help you make a lot of fans …

… but in the end.

Having said all this, I must also tell you, that I haven’t added a cool picture or written a cool and creative profile myself. The reason for this is; I also believe that if you add the same picture of yourself all over the Internet (like MyBlogLog, Facebook and Digg), you are branding yourself and people will remember you (that’s powerful marketing). And if you write the truth in your profile, in your own words, people will eventually believe in you.

The only problem is, that it takes a lot more time to get your fans this way.

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