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How to get a Cartoon of Yourself for Your Website

Have you ever thought about creating a cartoon of yourself? I have actually never done that, but I have always loved cartoons and when I got the chance, I just couldnt help myself. I contacted Mei, a great artist and she did the cartoon for me.

You can see the result below, and if you like the cartoon you can get one for yourself if you just contact Mei (this is a link to her blog and it will open up in a new window).


I think that the cartoon is funny and I can see that it kind of looks like me. At least my friends and family can say that this is me when they see it.

Why would you want to get a cartoon of yourself?

First of all, its fun to have a cartoon of yourself. You can send it to your family and friends or just keep it for yourself. Or if you think about it as part of your branding / marketing, you can use the cartoon as an avatar for forums or it can be used as an image for your blog / website.

7 responses to “How to get a Cartoon of Yourself for Your Website”

  1. Tim says:

    Interesting. I tried the directory submitter, pretty cool.

  2. John Hacking says:

    I just got an e-mail from Brad Callen of SEO elite fame. He’s promoting a piece of software called article submitter (what an original name). Why not call it Wordgator, Scriptinator, Semtext or something memorable? I’ve downloaded and installed it and I have found it to be a waste of my time.

    The free version has 100 article directories in it’s database. The $67 version has over 700 directories in its database.

    The only good thing I can say about this software is that it gave me the names of some high PR article sites that I wasn’t aware of. If you’ve got an hour or so to burn, give it a go.

    If you truly want to automate the article submission process, get yourself a macro recorder like Hot Keyboard Pro. It’s cheaper (free), and a lot faster and you can see what’s going on and know that your article got submitted.

    The trouble with these article submission bits of software is they take forever to respond to what’s happening on the page. If the page changes, they get confused.

    Using Hot Keyboard Pro, I can submit an article to 3 different sites per minute without error. And no, I don’t make any money out of promoting this product, I just think it is very good for article submission.

    Sorry Brad, you’ve got yourself a dud there matety.

  3. Jens says:

    Hi Peter,

    I have just read your article and it was very well-written and informative.


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