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How To Get Attention With E-mails

Writing e-mails to your list is a way many people are earning money. It sounds like something that everybody can do, many think that the problem really is to get people to join your list. Well, I agree that getting subscribers is hard, but to be successful you need to work on your copywriting skills as well. I get a lot of e-mails every single day, and I only open a few. I look at all the titles in the subjectline, and from what is written there I decided whether to open the e-mail or not.

You need to get the attention of your subscribers with the title. They won´t open it unless they think that it´s worth opening. Can they gain something from opening and reading your e-mail?

One of the best headlines that I have received in the past week, is one with the following title:

Only For People Who Reads My Email

This grabbed my attention. I started to think that this is a great offer, because it is only being offered to his subscribers. The headline didn´t say anything about an offer or that I would have to pay any money, or that I would earn millions. To me this is a perfect headline that will not be stopped in spamfilters (not considering the contents of the e-mail).

It was an interesting offer, but I think that the headline was more interesting than the offer (I didn´t buy anything).

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