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How To Follow Conversations on Twitter

When you are using Twitter, you can either start your own conversation or follow the conversations of other people. Some people use Twitter to send links and tips, but the real power is conversations.

Now, if you start your own conversations. You could ask questions to your followers and hope you’ll get some response. Or you could just add some thoughts, and some might comment.

To me, the really interesting part of Twitter is when you join conversations of people who are not your followers, but are writing about a topic that you care a lot about.

Let me give you an example by using TweetDeck (I’m using this powerful software on both my PC and Mac, while using Tweetie on my iPhone).

You can follow any conversation on any topic, this is just two examples.

First, click the search icon.

Enter the text to search. In this example I’m using vegetarian and photography.

Now, by using this search option at TweetDeck, I’ll get updates every time someone sends a tweet about either photography or vegetarian.

You can use this search feature to follow your favorite affiliate system, in order to join the conversation every single time someone writes about the system you’re promoting. For instance, I could add a search for TweetAdder in order to convince people to buy it, this way I could be earning more money. Or you could use the search to enter your name and get updates every time someone tweets about you.

It’s a really powerful way to get more followers and to discuss the topics you really care about.

Follow me on Twitter and join my conversations.

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