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How to find a scam

Many “new” online businesses are launched just to scam you. The owners know that they will not survive more than a few months or maximum a year. They launch their business and get some very eager people to spend money and start to recruit members. In a few months the owners will be satisfied, and most members will lose the money they have invested.

It´s very important that you know the “signs” of a scam early. If you do, you won´t have to spend time and money promoting it. There are probably many various signs of a scam, but one major sign that you should be looking for at any online business (or offline for that matter) is information about who are the people behind this business and how can you contact them?

If the company only provides an e-mail address (or contact form) on their website, and no telephone number, no names of the owners or any people working for the company, you should stop for a moment and start to think about what you are doing.

There should be no reason for a company not to publish their contact information or information regarding the people behind the company are. Well, only if they don´t want to tell you because they are planning to stop the business in a few months anyways and then start a new pre-launch.

Be aware of the contact information, that´s my number one advice.

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