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How To Find Out If Someone Copied Your Website

It seems that a lot of people are copying content in order to sell whatever they are selling. Content is king, especially when it comes to Search Engines. The more content, and the more relevant content (to your keywords), the more traffic you’ll receive. That’s usually how it works.

A lot of people have stated that you’ll get penalized by Google if you publish duplicate content, but other people have stated that you’ll get ranked fairly well for duplicate content. I am not sure what’s true when it comes to publishing duplicate content, but according to Google, there are some penalties that are related to having the same content as another website.

What’s more important to me, is that I want to publish my own content, and I want people to give me credit if they use “my words” or “my thoughts”.

I am not one of those guys that spend a lot of time trying to find people who have been copying my content. But, it’s actually not that time consuming.

The way you can find out if people are copying your website and your content, is by using Copyscape. Just type your website address and hit enter, a few seconds later, you’ll see the results.

There are probably several similar tools to Copyscape, like Plagiarism Checker, but I only use Copyscape. It’s fast and free, and so far, it works great.

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