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How To Find and Create Facebook Groups

Today, I’ll be describing (short) why you should be using Facebook groups and how you can find interesting groups, and how to create your own group on Facebook.

First of all, it’s a very easy way to do marketing with Facebook groups, it’s completely free, and it’s marketing gone viral. That’s three really powerful reasons why you should start using Facebook groups today.

The only reason why groups become popular, and they can go from zero members to thousands in a few hours, is content. Your group needs to be something special, and in order to become popular, well, like I just said, it’s all about content marketing. Without good reliable content, you can almost forget about creating a buzz.

A Facebook group is where you create a community, this is where you connect with people and a place where you communicate with people about a specific topic. It’s a discussion, a two-way conversation, unlike Facebook pages (I will write about Facebook pages in a few days and explain this with more details). With Facebook groups, you can send emails to the members of your group, this way it becomes powerful targeted marketing.

How to find Facebook groups

Just click on “Groups” in the right sidebar just below your applications. When you do, you’ll see the most recent groups that your friends have joined, and you’ll see the recently updated groups that you have joined.

You can also search for groups by name, and browse groups by category. You should have no problem finding groups on Facebook.

Now, when you have found an interesting group. Just click on the image of the group, or the name, and you’ll end up “inside” the group. There you’ll see a detailed description of the group, and everything that’s going on, like discussions, photos, or whatever.

When you are inside, and you find the content interesting, it’s time to join the group.

Just click on the link below the group image “join this group”, and few seconds later, you will be a member.

How to create your own group

After you have clicked on groups, as described below the first image at the top, you’ll see the icon to the right, just at the top of the “your recently updated groups”.

After you click it, you will have to describe your new group with more details.

There are two important things to notice when you are creating your new group. The group name is important and the description of your group is very important. Those two, can be the reason why you’ll go from zero to hero, when it comes to Facebook groups. Even though you have the perfect name, and the perfect description, it’s still content that will be the major issue if your group will become popular or not.

When selecting group type, you have ten categories to choose between:

You have to choose the right category for your group, because this is how people will find your group when browsing.

This is how you find groups and how to create your own groups. In a few days or so, I will write a more detailed post about why and how you should be using Facebook groups for marketing purposes.

23 responses to “How To Find and Create Facebook Groups”

  1. Kingfishers says:

    Hi, I made my own group on facebook, invited some people and now … some people didn't take the invitation but…. want to be re-invited… I cannot find out how I can re-invite them again as they are still on the “to be answered”tab….

  2. Nicjaynkorie says:

    i made a group on facebook ages ago n i cant remember the name of it! how do i find it?

  3. I'm not sure, but if you click on groups won't it display as one of your groups?

  4. Marion Mehrer says:


    Thanks so very much for this information. I wamt to start my own group for a product that I’m selling retail, but of course I want to make sure that there is no similar group as well, or that I can make mine better. Always good to know your competition.

    Thanks for providing the information so that I can find out if there are any similar groups.

    Marion Mehrer

  5. Kendra says:

    Info is outdated since Facebook keeps changing their layout. You can no longer select a category for new groups (old groups will remain the same).

  6. Wavnet says:

    I created a facebokl group but there is not option to select a group type. I do I put my newly created group in a specifc category/group type?

  7. Wildacvila says:

    I have the same problem. When I acces the “create a group” button I only have:
    – Group name
    – Memebers
    – Privacy
    no “category”, no any other option.
    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    Thank you!

  8. TW says:


  9. thorne Williams says:

    I found all types of groups once before and now cannot to save my soul..
    right sidebar just below your applications…what on earth are you talking about.?????????? Can you explain it so someone that doesn’t already know how to do it can find groups….

    • jens says:

      Hi Thorne,

      Sorry about that. I wrote this tutorial a long time ago, and Facebook has changed a lot since. I will write a new and updated tutorial soon.


    • jens says:

      I believe that the easiest way to find the “new” groups is to do a search inside Facebook for the keyword, and then click on “see more results …” and finally click on groups in the left menu (in the left sidebar).

      Hope this helps 🙂

  10. Donnie says:

    The problem with groups is that it is tricky to update them all.

  11. repre says:

    but when you have a page, it does not have the option to search for any group, because there is no search bar showing on the top.

  12. repre says:

    that is very very strange, because have been spending on 2 hours inside the page, still can not see the search bar on the top.

  13. repre says:

    i wish i can show you what i see as image attachment, but it is no option to do that in this comment box.

  14. repre says:

    i do not have a profile, but my friends do , they say they can see the search box on the top with profile accounts

    have been searching on facebook help, but no help.

  15. repre says:

    thanks very much for the links, i think will use find places and pages to see what happen, best regards for your quick help.

    kind regards

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