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How To Earn Money Using Twitter

A lot of people are talking about earning money from Twitter. It seems that many are earning money from Twitter, but most of us are not. Today, I’ll tell you what I believe works. I have found a few interesting articles on the topic as well, you’ll find links at the bottom.

Twitter is all about …

Twitter is all about conversations, and having targeted followers. You should provide value, use Twitter as the pros are using Twitter. It’s important that you drive traffic from Twitter, no traffic means no money.

There are three methods you can use in order to earn money from Twitter.

Let them sponsor you

The easiest way to earn money from Twitter is probably by being sponsored. You’ll get paid every time you publish a tweet. In order to be able to get paid, you need many followers. I believe that you need at least 500.

This is a list of systems you can use in order to publish sponsored tweets and earn money:

You can also sell tweets on various discussion forums, like digitalpoint and Warriorforum. I bet there are many other ways to sell your tweets, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

I have never earned any money from sponsored tweets. All I know is that some people really enjoy this service, and others don’t.

Use it for branding

If you have a blog or a website, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to it. Once people get to your blog or website, they will be targeted visitors that will help you earn money like any other visitor interested in your topic. In other words, you use Twitter to tell your story and get people interested in you and your content.

You should give away important information. That’s the easiest way to drive traffic. I’m talking about information that people normally would pay for. You give it away, and people will visit your website, because they want it for free. If you don’t have this type of information, then, use one of the 6 rules to twitter success.

Be an affiliate

You can earn money on Twitter by selling other people’s products. Sign up as an affiliate, and earn a commission by selling products. You can use your affiliate links or links to squeeze pages (collect the email addresses and follow up by using an autoresponder). You should tell your followers why they need the product/service you are offering, tell them all about the competetive edge. Tell them all the advantages, and what they will miss if they don’t click on your link.

When you’re selling on Twitter, it’s about being useful. If you’re useful, people will be interested.

A powerful combination

I believe that the most effective way to earn money by using Twitter is by combining the three methods. Some of your tweets should be sponsored, some should be about yourself and some should be about products you’re selling. If you combine the methods, people won’t be tired of you, at least not as fast as if you only do one of the methods.

Finally. Here are some interesting articles about how to earn money from Twitter:

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