How To Create Your Own Facebook Domain

At Facebook, as Twitter, you can get your own domain. Now you can use as your url, instead of the long and difficult to remember url. In order to get the short and sweet one, you need to do a few changes.

Two Reasons Why

First, it’s a lot easier to remember and to share the url. Just remember a person’s name, or the name of the company, and you’ll find them on Facebook. And it looks a lot nicer when you send this new url to people.

Second, your Facebook profile will get ranked higher on the search engines. If I use Twitter as an example, searching for my last name berget (which is also my username on Twitter) on Google shows up at the fourth place out of close to 1,2 million pages.

How To Create Your Facebook Domain

It’s fast, easy, and just a few clicks away. My Facebook settings are in Norwegian, but I try to explain everything in english.

The first thing you need to do is click on settings, in the top right corner. Then, click on change your username.

Now, you’ll get several options.

You can either pick one of the usernames added by Facebook by default (based on your current name/username) or you can create a new one.

That’s it. Click on save, and you’ll have your new Facebook domain ready in just a few seconds.

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