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How to create your to-do list

I am sitting here writing on a piece of paper the topics of my next posts, thinking that there are probably many ways to write down my to-do list better than this. You can call me old fashion even though I am not that old, but I sort of like to write everything down on paper when it comes to tasks that I am going to do online. This works for me, even though there are times when I can´t find the paper and I have to look all over the house to find it.

Today I have been thinking that I should probably try some sort of online tool for creating a to-do list. A while ago I wrote the to do list in a word processor, but then I could only get a hold of it at my computer. What if I was someplace else and I wanted to write a post? Not that this is really a problem, 99% of my posts are written from the same computer.

I have also tested not to write down a to-do list, and try just to remember all my “good ideas”. This sort of worked, but I tend to forget some, and I want to remember them all. This way I can write some short posts when I don´t have much time, not just long and sort of complicated posts (not that I think that I have any of those).

What I thought of doing is trying to use either an online calendar, maybe Google Calendar is the right tool? The problem with this one is that I don´t know when I am going to write the posts, I just have a list where I pick one when I want to write about it. Not sure if I have to put the title and keywords in specific dates at Google Calendar or not.

For some people it would probably be enough to write their to-do list inside WordPress, just write the title and keywords and click on “save” and everything will be stored inside Wordress and you can edit it from everywhere. I have tried this as well, but I guess I liked the paper version better.

An online tool that can be used is Backpack, it seems to be very interesting indeed. But not sure if it will stop me from using the pen and paper 🙂

2 responses to “How to create your to-do list”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Was he an experienced marketer, or a self-proclaimed experienced marketer?

  2. Jens says:

    From what I read on his site and from all the sites he had started, he seems to be a real experienced marketer.

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