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How To Create WordPress Landing sites

A landing site is more or less a special site for people coming to your blog from a search engine. For instance, if a person searches for a term using Google, he or she would end up at your blog but at a different page than a person searching for another term / phrase using the same search engine or a different one.

You might think that this is rather obvious, because if a person searches for a term and ends up at your blog, he or she will hopefully end up at a post related to what they searched for and not some random post. Yes, that´s right. But what you should be doing rather than having them end up at the post that they searched for, is to have a series of posts that they might be interested in. What you do want, is for them to stay at your site for as long as possible. You want them to read many posts, you want them to subscribe to your feeds, and you want them to subscribe to your newsletter and buy your products or services.

In order to have a special landingsite for all search engine visitors, I have just installed a very interesting plugin for wordpress. This plugin is called Landingsites (current version is 1.3). When you get a visitor searching for something at a search engine and afterwords ends up at your blog, what will happen is that the term / phrase that the person searched for will be at the top as a heading, then he or she will get information about which search engine he or she used and what term / phrase was used. And then related posts on your blog to that search.

This will give your visitor many more reasons for not leaving your blog right away. Because hopefully you will have at least five other posts related to what he or she searched for, and now your visitor have to read them all before leaving. This will make him or her to stay at your blog for a few minutes more and then maybe your visitor will start to see some of your ads and products for sale or will end up subscribing to your feeds. Because after a few extra minutes and extra posts being read, he or she finds out that your blog is actually very interesting…

Do a search at Google for “facebook profile badge” and my blog is number two (as of today), click on it and you will see what this plugin will do for you.

Now, if you would like this plugin for your own blog, just click here to visit the creator and download it.

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