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How To Create A Twitter List

There are at least three reasons why you should use Twitter lists.

1) Twitter lists are a great way to organize your followers
2) Twitter lists are a great way to recommend followers
3) Twitter lists are a great way to measuring influence

I’ll give you an example of how to create a list called blogging. It will be a list of interesting people tweeting about blogging.

I actually discovered that I was included on 12 lists already. When you’re included on a list, it’s a way to measure your influence. If you’re included on many lists, that’s awesome. Usually, the only reason you’re included, is because people like to follow your tweets. That’s a great thing.

Now, back to creating a list at twitter.

There are probably many different ways to create a list, and to add followers to your list. I’m showing you one. It’s easy, fast, and it works.

1. Find a person to include in your list. I used myself @berget as an example. Click on lists.


2. Create the list


You can create a public list, or a private one. I like to keep it public, this way people can see your lists and recommendations.

3. Find your lists


Click on lists on your right, next to the numbers of your followers.

4. How to access your lists


You’ll get access to the lists that are following you (#1) and the lists you have created (#2).

5. How to add new people to your lists


Find a new person that fits your list. In their profile, click on lists and add the person to the list.

6. The list url

Every list you create will get its own url. For instance, my blogging list has this url Your url will be

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