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How To Create A Profile Badge At Facebook

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I have just found a cool feature at Facebook. I will be brief, because it’s very easy to make and if you have a website it will great for your visitors and yourself to show the results there.

I am talking about how to create a badge from your profile in Facebook. If you are not sure what a badge is or what I am talking about at all, then you should visit this page and you’ll see all the widgets from Facebook.

Here you can see an updated version of my status in Facebook.

Jens-Petter Berget

Create Your Badge

So, what will a profile badge do and why should you create one and stick it on your site?

First of all, a profile badge contains your personal information. You can put whatever information you like your visitors to see on it. Like your picture, your name, phone number, e-mail address, website adresses, and your facebook status. But remember this is just information that you create inside of Facebook and inside your Facebook profile.

How do you create it? Well, I have put a short step-by-step tutorial here for you. It all starts after you have signed in at your Facebook account.

So, why do I think that creating a badge and putting it on your website is important?

It’s important for at least three reasons.

By adding your badge to your site, your visitors can just click on it to see your public profile at Facebook. And when they look at it, they can add you as a friend. This way, you can share information with your readers on a different level than on your website. A whole new experience for your loyal readers, and a way to show them that you are available for them and that they can trust you.

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