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How to Create a New Name for your Business

There are one thing that you can do in order to promote yourself or your company, and it can actually be rather cheap. If you do it right you might get a lot of exposure as well. But I am not sure that I would do it to myself though, because sometimes it might be better to not promote yourself this way, at least I am not ready for it (and I probably never will be).

I am talking about changing your name to something either funny or to a famous one. One girl I have heard of where close to where I live changed her name to Christina Aguilera. On the other hand, sometimes it might be a good idea to actually change your name. For instance what would you do if your name was N. O’Brain or Marie Wanna? Sometimes you might be lucky or unlucky (it depends on if you like to be left alone or not), meet the real Harry Potter.

What you might think about instead of actually changing your own name, your parents might not like it, is to change the name of your company. You can change it to something really funny or at least to something that people will really remember. What about Screwfast or Willies Consulting?

If you need help finding a company name fast, this web 2.0 company name generator might work or this one, or you can use a little money to find it.

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