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How Cool Is Word Of Mouth Marketing Really?

Word of mouth is usually being referred to as passing information from person to person, and in the beginning it was all about oral communication. But now, it includes many types of communication between people. I thought, for a long time, that it had to be between two people to be called word of mouth. But I think that it needs to be between people, from one person to one or more people… that’s all.

The reason a lot of companies use this method of marketing, is that it’s more credible and trustworthy than many of the other methods. You want people to talk about your product, and you want them to spread the word.

For instance. If one of your friends tell you that he just watched an awesome movie, you would probably think that, wow, I’ve got to watch that movie. If your colleague at work told you about a new restaurant with excellent food, you’d probably think that you should try it. The same goes for close to everything when the message comes from people you know and trust. It’s about credibility.

And of course, even though you don’t know the person, if a guy (a friend of a friend) tells you about some new product that he just tested, and he thought it was perfect, you would probably trust him a lot more than a newspaper advertisement (because you’d know that it was an advertisement from the company).

I’m not fascinated by the thought of paying people to talk about my product. I’m fascinated by the viral marketing part, buzz, the powerful impact and free marketing potential of a product.

My question is this, how do you start a word of mouth marketing campaign, if you don’t pay people to talk about your product and you don’t have a lot of money to begin with?

The first things that comes to mind is using viral marketing techniques at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg etc.. Even if you reach a lot of people, it’s still word of mouth. The sender is one person, he shares the message with his “friends”, and they share the message with their friends, and so on.

Just look at how fast things spread when you create something different, something unique, creative, fun, and with a message that you either won’t forget, or a message you’re not sure how to interpret.

Word of Mouth Marketing is probably the coolest kind of marketing, but it’s probably also the most difficult kind of marketing. You’d never know for sure if you’re going to be successful until you try.

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