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How Commission Blueprint is using Proof to Increase Sales

This is part of a series of posts that I am writing related to Commission Blueprint. Be sure to read the other posts as well (this list will be updated as soon as I publish new posts):

I am the first one to admit that this new release of a product/system called Commission Blueprint looks very interesting. It seems to be all about how to make a massive amount of money from marketing various ClickBank products. And it’s not about how to market products related to Internet marketing, it’s about marketing any product.

I am not here to discuss the product/system or if it’s any good or not, because I really don’t know (at this time) – but I can tell you that Commission Blueprint is probably the hottest ClickBank product right now, because all the major Internet marketers are promoting it.

The reason why I am writing about it today, is because I want to share how this product/system is gaining its trust, and why so many people want to buy it (right now). I believe it’s because of all the proof.

The guys behind it, Steven Clayton & Tim Godfrey, did earn $6,513 in 24 hours using this exact method, they earned $109,151 in 30 days, and $153,426 in 6 weeks. This sounds incredible, and it looks amazing, no wonder why people want to grab a copy.

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey uses screenshots of their Clickbank accounts as evidence of how munch money they have been earning using this system. From the image above, you can see exactly what they are showing on their sales page.

Proof like this will make all “normal” Internet marketing guys want to take a closer look.

Just take a look at the ClickBank statement above, they earned the incredible amount of $526,422.83 so far in 2008. That’s amazing!

With amounts like that, people are usually stunned, or they cry out scam! The interesting part with Commission Blueprint, is that why should they use an amount this high, if they didn’t have evidence? They could have used a much lower amount, and people would most likely buy it anyway.

They are also providing detailed statitistics of their website traffic for June of 2008. It’s not really a lot of traffic, but they are giving us another proof, that with this much traffic, they earned an incredible income.

What’s this telling us?

Once again, they are giving us evidence that “each of their sites generates up to 600,000 visitors per year… and every single one of them wants to buy!”

Proof if a very powerful marketing strategy, and combined with testimonials (another set of evidence that it works) it makes Commission Blueprint to a really hot product/system.

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