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How to choose a business?

If you are like the rest of us, you are probably thinking something like ”where do I make the most money?” Yes, I understand fully. We are all in it for the money. But if you are going to last in this business for long, you have to think different.

Start by thinking “what are my interests?” If you love exercise, music, reading, you should find a business that will involve you in that. Don´t think just about the money, if you do you will not have any fun, unless you make tons of money, and very few do that.

I love watching movies and have been looking for an MLM company selling dvds. I haven´t found one yet that fits my needs. It have to be available globally and it should only be involved in movies. I have been looking at Better Universe, but in my opinion they are involved in too many things.

I have also been looking at a few other companies, but they were located in the US and did only do business in the US.

Find your interests first, then the company. You will get bombarded with offers from all kinds of companies all the time, that´s why it is very important to be focused on your interests and not everybody elses interests.

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    Thank you so much for the link back. Cheers!

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