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How To Change Your Domain Name

I am about to get a brand new design for my blog and a brand new domain name, in a few days or maybe a few weeks you probably won´t recognize my blog. The new domain is already working and it´s instead of the old

When I decided to change to the new domain, I wasn´t sure how to do it and what was going to happen to my site and to my search engine ranking and to my rss subscribers and more. Well, I am still not sure about everything regarding the change, but here is my story so far.

The first thing I did was to post at a few discussion forums, what happened then was that I receive some rather technical information. I wasn´t sure what to do with the information, so I decided that I had to do a little more research before I decided if I was going to change it.

I sent an e-mail to Dawud Miracle, because he had done a similar change a few months ago. He is a great guy and I knew that I would get a quick reply, and a few hours later I received the following message: (my question was if he could please tell me what he had done regarding the switch to a new domain)

I did really just a couple of things…

I used 301 redirect to redirect all my URLs from the old to the new domain. How to do this can usually be found on your server.

After a couple of weeks, I used Google’s Webmaster Tools to update my Google Sitemap to the new domain.

FeedBurner…you don’t have to change your FeedBurner-generated RSS link. It can remain the same. By not changing your FeedBurner link, you won’t have to worry about loosing anyone. However, you will want to change the ‘original feed link’ under ‘Edit Feed Details.’ That way, FeedBurner gets the updates from your new domain.

You’ll loose a bit in Google, but not too much. Otherwise, the only other thing that I lost in moving was my Technorati ranking. Nothing I could do would stop this. So when I switched to my new domain it was like starting over with Technorati. Sort of stunk, but in six months it won’t matter anyway.

Now, it was time to contact my host. I use LinkSky and told them about the switch and about Dawud´s answer. They told me that they would do everything for me, but that I would have to pay $18. I thought about it for a few minutes and thought why not? I don’t know much about redirects and would probably mess things up, so I filled out a form on their page and a few days later everything was ok. Yes, it was very easy when my host did everything for me.

At the moment all traffic to is working and all traffic to is working. But what will happen to my search engine ranking, and when should I let my old domain go? I have no idea about any of the questions, other than that I have heard from several people that I might get penalized by Google and other search engines for having two domains (one of them parked), but as far as I know this is the only way to do it.

I have changed my feed at FeedBurner and everything seems to be working, now I only have to do some minor changes to my account at Text Link Ads, and then I think that the only thing I have left is to wait for my new design.

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