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How a CEO should Market the company

I have been thinking, how visible should a CEO really be? Should he or she just be visible inside the company walls or should the person be out in the public and featured on billboards, on TV shows and in magazines?

This is probably a difficult question to answer, but I will try it anyway.

I like CEOs that are more like normal people, but what is normal?

I guess that`s people without huge houses and without all the money and fame (well, not all CEO`s have this… it all depends on the size of the company). I like CEOs that are down to earth kind of guys. I like CEOs that don`t use a business suits that often.

What I am trying to say is that, I think that it`s important that a CEO should dress casual, spend time with customers and enjoy life at the same time. The customers are the CEOs best friend, and if they spend time on a regular basis with them, they will learn stuff they can`t possibly learn in the office.

You can argue that this should be done by the person in charge of marketing and not the CEO, but I believe that the CEO is a person that should know “everything” that is going on with the company and he or she should stay on top of things and understand what their customers think.

99% (a number I just made up) or so of the customers are normal people, most people are normal, and that`s why a CEO should be seen with normal people and be a normal person, at least once in a while. It`s nothing wrong with earning a lot of money, and hanging out with people with a lot of money, but I think that if a CEO should try to look good and promote the company, he or she would do a better job at it if they turn out to be more like normal people.

I would like my CEO to be like Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner, he clearly understand what a CEO should be like. Wear jeans, hang out at the local pub and drink beer with your customers.

Hopefully the person in charge of marketing at Opera was also somewhere in that pub with Jon von Tetzchner.

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