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How to Capture your Blog Visitors

By capture blog visitors, I am talking about how to get your visitors to come back to your blog. In this post I will try to explain how I have made some justifications to my blog in order for my visitors to visit my blog more than one time.

Earlier, I thought that to get my visitors attention I would have to use a pop-up in different variations, one that opens up as soon as my visitor entered my blog or one that opens up when my visitor left my blog. I really wanted to get the attention of my visitors, other than the one post they came to read. I didn’t want them to visit my blog for the first time and take a quick look at it, leave and then never come back.

I did the pop-up trick for a while and it may have worked, but I think that most of my visitors was feeling rather annoyed instead of actually wanting to look at my offer or feel that they wanted to come back and visit my blog. It might have been different if I used Exit Grabber, but I don’t really know.

What I think is a lot better and what I have done is this; I use three different marketing techniques (I guess you can call it techniques) to try to get my visitors to come back. Take a look at the top of my blog (above the fold) and you might already notice them.

Internet marketing tips
I want to capture my visitors by sending them Internet marketing tips. They need to sign up using their name and e-mail in order to receive important marketing tips from me. They will receive the tips and they will keep coming back to my blog (if they believe my tips to be good). This way they won’t forget my blog, because my tips will keep coming. I am using Aweber to send them this.

Top articles
I am linking directly to the top articles at my blog. My visitors can see the title of what I believe (and my stats) to be the most interesting articles. These articles might change from week to week as I am doing it manually. By providing a visible list at the top of my blog and on all pages, my visitors can see them without having to search for them or do any clicks. They will see example of headlines from articles that I have published in the past. If they like them they might stay for a while and come back later on.

I have an option in the sidebar where my visitors can subscribe to my blog, using either an RSS reader or just entering their e-mail. By subscribing, my visitors don’t have to remember to visit my blog to read my posts. This way they will receive all my updates as soon as I publish them. I think it’s important to have both the RSS subscription option and the e-mail option (not everybody knows what RSS is and how to subscribe using it).

I find it important to do what I can to get my visitors to come back to my blog other than just have one good post and believe that this is enough to keep them coming back for more. I am trying not to put any ads at the top of my blog, I want it as pure and “simple” as possible. I want my visitors to see all the options that I offer and grab at least one of them.

There might be better ways to get your readers to come back to your blog and read your content, but I don’t know if there are and this is what I believe to work.

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