How to Cancel your Membership at Global Domains International

I have been a member of Global Domains International (GDI) for a few months. I joined for two reasons, it was cheap (only $10 a month) and it was an interesting opportunity. A lot of people have joined and I have heard that hundreds of thousands of people all across the world are members of GDI.

Unfortunately GDI was not for me. I am not going to go into details about it, but I don’t need what they are offering (website / email / hosting). When I decided to cancel my membership I was surprised on how difficult it was to cancel it. I have been a member of many companies / services from all over the world, but GDI was by far the most difficult one to cancel.

Well, when I state that it was difficult I don’t mean that I had a really hard time to cancel my account. This is what happened to me. I read at their support pages that to cancel my membership I had to phone GDI in the United States. I live in Norway, and using a phone to cancel my membership would mean that I would have to call them at their hours (I am not sure of the time difference from there to where I live, but there are many hours), and I would have to pay for the international phone call (not sure how expensive it is).

…and I would think that the biggest problem for many members from other countries is to actual speak english to cancel their accounts.

My problem was that I would forget to phone them, I would always say to myself that I will phone them tomorrow. It took my more than a month to actually do it. If you are interested, the number you would have to dial is this: (760) 602-3000

What happened when I phoned them?

The first thing that happened was that I heard a female voice telling me to press 1 for this and 2 for that and 3 for something else, and I think that I pressed 4 to cancel my account. After pressing 4 I heard music, I was waiting for my turn and had to listen to music for about three or four minutes before a woman finally answered.

I told her that I wanted to cancel my account and she said ok. I had to tell her my username, and that was not hard. But after that I had to answer two security questions that I had totally forgotten. The first one was my favorite pets name and the second was my favorite sport. I was lucky, I answered them both and she said everything was fine and my account was cancelled. Finally she wanted to know why I cancelled my account and if I had any comments on the services of GDI.

I told her that they should make it a lot easier to cancel accounts for members living in other countries. They are doing this for security reasons, but I can’t quite understand why they are making it so incredibly easy to join (it takes 2 minutes and just give them your credit card number and you are set to go) but so hard to cancel.

I would think that a lof of people will be members for a very long time just so they wouldn’t have to phone GDI and speak english. They got to do something about this. The woman I talked to was very polite and their customer service was great, but it’s just too hard to cancel. When I started to hear the music playing in the background, I thought that I would never get to talk to a real person. I have had similar experiences in Norway, where I have had to wait for more than an hour to speak to someone. That was not something I wanted to do tonight and especially not on an international phone call to the United States.

No more Global Domains International for me



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