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How to Cancel your Membership at Global Domains International

I have been a member of Global Domains International (GDI) for a few months. I joined for two reasons, it was cheap (only $10 a month) and it was an interesting opportunity. A lot of people have joined and I have heard that hundreds of thousands of people all across the world are members of GDI.

Unfortunately GDI was not for me. I am not going to go into details about it, but I don’t need what they are offering (website / email / hosting). When I decided to cancel my membership I was surprised on how difficult it was to cancel it. I have been a member of many companies / services from all over the world, but GDI was by far the most difficult one to cancel.

Well, when I state that it was difficult I don’t mean that I had a really hard time to cancel my account. This is what happened to me. I read at their support pages that to cancel my membership I had to phone GDI in the United States. I live in Norway, and using a phone to cancel my membership would mean that I would have to call them at their hours (I am not sure of the time difference from there to where I live, but there are many hours), and I would have to pay for the international phone call (not sure how expensive it is).

…and I would think that the biggest problem for many members from other countries is to actual speak english to cancel their accounts.

My problem was that I would forget to phone them, I would always say to myself that I will phone them tomorrow. It took my more than a month to actually do it. If you are interested, the number you would have to dial is this: (760) 602-3000

What happened when I phoned them?

The first thing that happened was that I heard a female voice telling me to press 1 for this and 2 for that and 3 for something else, and I think that I pressed 4 to cancel my account. After pressing 4 I heard music, I was waiting for my turn and had to listen to music for about three or four minutes before a woman finally answered.

I told her that I wanted to cancel my account and she said ok. I had to tell her my username, and that was not hard. But after that I had to answer two security questions that I had totally forgotten. The first one was my favorite pets name and the second was my favorite sport. I was lucky, I answered them both and she said everything was fine and my account was cancelled. Finally she wanted to know why I cancelled my account and if I had any comments on the services of GDI.

I told her that they should make it a lot easier to cancel accounts for members living in other countries. They are doing this for security reasons, but I can’t quite understand why they are making it so incredibly easy to join (it takes 2 minutes and just give them your credit card number and you are set to go) but so hard to cancel.

I would think that a lof of people will be members for a very long time just so they wouldn’t have to phone GDI and speak english. They got to do something about this. The woman I talked to was very polite and their customer service was great, but it’s just too hard to cancel. When I started to hear the music playing in the background, I thought that I would never get to talk to a real person. I have had similar experiences in Norway, where I have had to wait for more than an hour to speak to someone. That was not something I wanted to do tonight and especially not on an international phone call to the United States.

No more Global Domains International for me 🙂

11 responses to “How to Cancel your Membership at Global Domains International”

  1. Repak says:

    Thanks for advice. Spent 27 minutes to cancel account – from Croatia :(((( Never Again…

  2. Parmarapras says:

    the nember doen’t work bro

  3. GDI Guess says:

    You are absolutely right on how hard it is to cancel GDI membership. I also faced the same problem. Living in other country that is thousand miles away from the United States, thinking of having to call GDI just to cancel the membership made me allowing myself to be GDI member for a few months until I finally said to myself I really have to cancel this !

    It took me many times to call GDI in ONE WEEK with the voice machine saying I was on hold. Staying hold for nearly 1 hour made me give up and what I did was to remove my credit card from the Pay Pal account which I was reluctant to do it in the first place as it’d be troublesome for me to add the card again. Then I wrote to GDI telling them to cancel my membership. I just don’t care as they now can’t deduct the payment from my Pay Pal as there is no fund at the moment.

    I think this is part of their business strategy. First, they gave you 7-day FREE Trial and most people wouldn’t mind about as they don’t realise how difficult it would be after that when they decide not to continue. In the end, you will be a member for quite sometime and GDI earns 🙂

    • This sucks. I remember how difficult it was to cancel, and I live in Norway. I’m sure (as you’re saying) that this is part of their business strategy. A lot of people won’t cancel because it’s so difficult and many people will probably stay an extra month because of how hard it is to cancel.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  4. John Byrd says:

    For those GDI members living in other countries I saw this Youtube video showing a alternative way on how to cancel your GDI account in full. ‘’ & ‘’ Maybe you should give this a try first before calling the US phone number and hope it works for you… Good Luck!

    • John Byrd says:

      I did manage to do the following instruction on the Youtube video and email to GDI support saying that “‘I would like to cancel my GDI membership and have try many attempt to call you but got left on hold for a very long time and the cost from the UK to USA is far to expensive, could you please close my account in full on-line for me. Thanks!'” then I got a reply back from GDI support saying “‘Thank you for your email. You may reply to this email including a telephone number where we may reach you and the best time for you to be contacted regarding this matter. For security purposes, all cancellations must be completed by telephone with a live representative; no exceptions.'”

      So I sent GDI support my telephone number and the best time for me to be contacted them and the very next day around 6:30pm, I got a telephone call from GDI support and told them that ‘I wish cancel my membership then she said any reason why and gave her some reasonable excuses and answer just one security questions and my post code and then she said you will get an email confirming your account has been deactivated and then at end she try to offer me a month trail on somewhat other service and of cause I said no thank you and good bye!’

      Pacific Time Zone : 08am 09am 10am 11am 12pm 01pm 02pm 03pm 04pm 05pm
      London GMT Zone: 06pm 07pm 06pm 07pm 08pm 09pm 10pm 11pm 12am 01am

      Moment later I check my email account again and had another reply from GDI support saying “‘Your account has been deactivated and you have been removed from any further mailings by our company per your request. You will not receive any further charges for this account. Your confirmation number is Xxxxx-xxxxX.'” and that it, I finish with GDI for good.

      The best thing about this way is that it didn’t cost me a single penny to call GDI from the USA and save me having a expensive phone bill. I suggest anyone from other countries to try my method first before calling from the United States and it much more easer and totally free to get GDI call you instead…

      Good Luck!

      • Hi John,

        Thanks a lot for this detailed description. I bet all the people who’ll be reading this will really appreciate what you’ve done. Thanks a lot.

      • Allan says:

        Thanks John Byrd, it is indeed very helpful, I just sent them an email.

        But I hav totally forgotten my login and member’s login…

        Hope they will call me to ask me about my security questions…

        UPdate again on this..

  5. Din says:

    I was going to transfer my domain at another provider, but I need EPP code from GDI. I couldn’t find anywhere on my account at GDI. So I called spoke with someone, and make long story short.. GDI wont allow us to transfer domain to another provider, but only if we cancel first and re register again at provider we want. Note, customer service very good. Anyway the price $10 / month is not cheap. There is a provider only under $60/year unlimited email and space. But I have already have with some place else I paid under $200 for 3 years, 150 GB space and only 1 email. Going to call tomorrow to cancel my account..

  6. cecilia1 says:

    I want to unsubscribe from global domains international, Inc

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