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How Can You Earn Money With Ojeez?

I had a little problems with my verification code at Ojeez, but it was sorted out and now everything is working great. I received information that they will be launching in about two weeks, and then we will have banners to promote them as well. Currently Ojeez is in prelaunch with more than 6600 members. It´s completely free to join, so if you are involved in network marketing or planning to get involved, there should be no reason for you not to join. It seems that it´s going to be a big social community for likeminded people.

Today, I started to wonder how members will be able to earn money from Ojeez. And from what I have found so far on their site, “the way it works is that you can join for free, refer everyone you know that can benefit from our services and as your network grows, so to does your percentage of ownership grow in relation to the size of your own network.” I guess this means that you get a “share” of Ojeez, the more money Ojeez earns the more money you will earn. They will pay their members according to the members of their network.

So far I have not read anything about how many levels your network can be, but it´s at least two levels, that much I have figured out.

I just found something that I thought was kind of interesting at their site:

It is quite simple really, because each of you is committed to becoming a successful entrepreneur in your business, so to will Ojeez flourish as the top destination for the business entrepreneur. Our success is dependant on you and we understand that. As a thank you and in recognition, we would like to make you an owner in Ojeez. Sites like and were collectively sold for over $2 billion dollars. We believe with your help, that Ojeez can experience the same level of success and all of you deserve a piece of that accomplishment.

They believe that they can experience the same level of success as MySpace and YouTube. That´s going to be interesting. The problem with that statement is that at Ojeez, there will probably be only people interested in network marketing, at MySpace and YouTube all sorts of people are involved. But at Ojeez, there will be “only” people with money to spend on the Internet… that´s not the case at the other two social networks. Because of the money aspect, there might be a lot of advertising and services that Ojeez can earn money from and again, this will eventually benefit all the owners (you and me).

Visit for more information.

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