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How to buy links to your site

One of the reason why your site is not on the top ten of the search engines might be becuause not many sites are linking to your site. As I have understood, linking is one of the main strategies for any SEO technique. You got to have many incoming links if you are going to be ranked in the top. But for most people this is not easy.

You can´t just publish your site and expect a lot of people to link to it. Even if your site is a great one, it might take a long time before you get many links to it. And not only that, it really doesn´t matter that much if you have a lot of sites linking to yours if the sites that links to yours are not important enough.

What I mean is that if the sites linking to your site doesn´t have a high pagerank at Google, then their links will not matter that much. So how do you get an important site to link to your site? The obvious answer is that you have to provide good content. If you are a good writer and if you write about interesting stuff, you will get incoming links and your ranking at the search engines will become higher.

But the problem is that this can take monhts or years, and for most people it might never happen. So what do you do then? You buy the links to your site. I am not saying that this is something you should do, I have never done it myself, but it´s not illegal and you should get a higher ranking by doing it.

If you want to try it, you can buy links to your site at the following sites, listed in no particular order:

1. Text-Link-Ads
2. BackLinks
3. Text Link Brokers
4. LinkAdage
5. LinkHaul

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