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How to Blog For Fun and Profit

If you want to make money from your blog, you should visit Thomas L. PierceĀ“s blog How To Blog For Fun And Profit. He has great insight and some great articles on what to do and not. Easy Bake Weblogs just published an audio call with Thomas L. Pierce:

00:00 Introduction

01:57 How can blogs help you connect with your audience and get your brand out there.

03:30 How is that different from a conventional website?

05:28 Blogs can be used for creating a network of like-minded colleagues.

08:12 Capability of RSS – can you put it on your site?

11:17 Niche-marketing sites – can blogs be used in the same way as a niche-marketing website?

14:12 Pinging and trackback – how do they work – how do they help?

21:30 Common Myths aroung blogging: Blogs are cash machines

26:00 Making money from Ads versus Relationships

27:30 What is the most effective way to get the power out of blogs?

31:35 Blogs for content management

39:45 What to look for in a blog tool

41:26 What is your biggest piece of advice to beginning bloggers- set proper expectations

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