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How To Be Successful Selling Pizza

Yesterday, I ordered take away pizza from a restaurant. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. The only reason I decided to order from this restaurant yesterday, was because they currently have a discount on their pizzas. The cut the price by 50%. It was a bargain, and I was hungry.

As I walked inside the restaurant, really hungry and ready for my pizza, I started feeling sad. I looked around, there was no people inside, only the two people working there. They didn’t look happy. They didn’t say much, it looked like they tried to smile as I paid for my pizza. It was weird. This place should have been crowded with people, It was cheap pizza.

This story got me thinking. How can anyone be successful selling pizza?

I can use the town where I live as an example. We have about 28,000 inhabitants, and probably about 10 pizza restaurants.

In order to be successful selling pizza, the restaurants have to have either the best waiters, the best tasting pizzas, or the cheapest pizza. If they have a combination of all three, then they’ll have a guarantee for success.

The problem with the restaurant I visited yesterday was that their pizza tasted good, but it’s not the best I have tasted. There are at least four restaurants that makes better pizzas. The waiters are probably ok. I have never heard anything bad about them, and I have never heard anything good about them. Therfore, I am guessing that they are mediocre. The price of the pizzas are exactly the same as the price of the pizzas at most of the other restaurants.

Why then, should I order the pizza from this restaurant? I can’t do it just because I feel sorry for them.

The problem is, it’s close to impossible to be successful by being mediocre.

If I owned a pizza restaurant, I would try my best to be different. I would try everything to make the best pizzas, because this is the only real guarantee for success. If you are the best, people will turn up and order your pizza, even though it might cost more than the other 9 pizza restaurants.

They could turn the interior of the restaurants into something really cool and different. This way, they would stand out and end up with new customers. The problem still remains, when people order pizza, they want the best tasting pizza. Some of the other factors are really helpful though, because if the pizzas are great at this restaurant (like the fourth best pizza place in our town), they have to do something to make up for it. If the price is the same, if the waiters are just ok, and the interior of the restaurant is ok, why should people order their pizzas?

There are no reasons, and that’s why I ended up being kind of sad when I ate the pizza yesterday.

3 responses to “How To Be Successful Selling Pizza”

  1. damon gidge says:

    hey this is damon im in this entrepreneurial class and i had the idea of starting up my own little pizza bussines with me and one of my friends. so i was wonderin what would be some good ideas you would think to have the interior of the bussiness. and i was also wondering what do you look forward to see on the pizza that you order. if you have the time i would like for you to send me a reply please and thank you because it is very important and its worth 45% of my overall average and id like to get you’re opinion. heres my email

    • Hey Damon,

      I don’t have much experience with pizza, other than eating a lot of it. But, when it comes to what I like to see on a pizza when I order it, I have some preferences. I am a vegetarian, so a pizza with lots of different colors is something I love to see, and lettuce on top of the pizza is one of my favorites 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    Great article, but I have to take issue with what the author believes will make someone successful in the pizza business. I’ve had several pizza restaurants and do consulting with pizzerias, and can tell you that even though you have the best pizza, and/or the best wait staff on the planet that by far wont make you successful. And having the cheapest prices is the quickest way to the bottom. By advertising and marketing that you have the “cheapest” pizza, your cultivating a customer base of low price coupon clippers. And when one of your competitors announces a lower price, most of them will jump ship. The marketing that I use doesn’t bring in the coupon clippers, it brings in raving fans. Raving fans that don’t bail on me when someone else has a cheaper price. If your interested in the marketing strategies that I used to dominate my local pizza market, you can check them out at or shoot me an email.

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