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How Adsense work in Opera

If you have used the free version of Opera, you have probably noticed the ads from Google on the top of your browser. These ads are placed there because you are using the free version. The ads don´t bother me at all, I hardly notice them (I think). Yesterday I started to think about how much money Opera might be earning from the ads, that I hardly notice, and because I hardly notice them, the rest of the world hardly notice them too (or maybe not).

I tried a little experiment. When you put ads from Google (adsense) on your site, the ads will adapt or become an integrated part of your site, because the Google ads will soon know what kind of content you have on your site. If you have content regarding movies, soon the ads from Google will be movie related. Will the ads in Opera be like that too?

The short answer is YES. This was very interesting. I surfed many different sites and after just a few seconds, the ads on top of my Opera browser all changed to become related to the site´s content. For example, I visited the Internet Movie Database and the ads from Google became movie related.
Check out this picture to see how it looked.

I visited the Washington Post and the ads from Google became related to news. Check out this picture to see how it looked. I also tried one of my own sites, Minute Marketing and the ads became related to Pay Per Click Advertising. Check out this picture to see how it looked.

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