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Hide Profile Updates From Your Facebook Friends

This is important. This is the only way you’ll survive on Facebook.

I’m serious.

It’s time to declutter your Facebook newsfeed. It’s time to eliminate all but the essentials.

You don’t want to unfriend them, you just want to ignore them. Ignoring is the best way to filter information.

I’m using my good friend Jan Geronimo as an example, but just as an example. I’m still reading all of his updates.

There are two ways to do this.


You can hide the profile updates by using your newsfeed and move your mouse to the top right of the update from the person you want to hide.

In this example I’ll click on Hide Jan. Jan is his name.

By doing this, I’ve hidden all the future profile updates from Jan. If I want to unhide them, I can click on “edit options”.

After I’ve clicked on edit options, I can unhide the people I have hidden by clicking on the X behind their names.

The other way to do this is by clicking on the “edit options” at the bottom right of your newsfeed. All the way at the bottom. By doing this, you can hide/unhide multiple people with just a few clicks.

8 responses to “Hide Profile Updates From Your Facebook Friends”

  1. Mike Helton says:

    Hey that's good information.

    I haven't completely absorbed myself into Facebook yet and I think it's because I'm uncertain about privacy and other issues that may come up.

    This is a great post for someone like me who is hesitant to get both feet wet in that arena.


  2. Jane Stenson says:

    I mainly like to hide annoying farmville updates more than anything else. I used to like that but its become annoying

  3. Gilbert Van Norman says:

    I usually hide updates from facebook friends that all they do is play games. I can not stand going to my page and seeing all the farmville and yoville updates.

  4. I'm also hiding updates from friends who are playing those games. And I'm hiding updates from generally annoying people 🙂

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