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Here’s your castrated cat and some chocolate

I love animals, I really do. If I could have it my way, I would have built my own version of Noah’s Ark. Not because I had to, but because I want to live with all animals. Every single one of them. But I can’t, and that’s probably a good thing.

You guessed it, I’m not the one that decides if my family is going to get an animal. My wife doesn’t let me. But that’s ok, I’m still enjoying life and other people’s animals.

My kids

I’m not sure if my kids love animals as much as I do, because they’re too occupied with their computers and the TV, and the trampoline. And when I ask them a question, the only sound I usually hear is HUH? No, they’re not teenagers, they’re 5 and 7 years old. But they’re still saying HUH. Why is a mystery to me.

A cat

So, we ended up with a cat. I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure what happened, but I love him and I enjoy every part of having a cat. We all do. It’s just that we hardly see him. He’s outside, somewhere in the forrest. And when we do get a glimpse of him, he’s running from one side to the other. I can hear you say that all kittens are like this. I’ve heard that a lot. And it’s probably true.

I’m sorry, but we decided to get it castrated. It hurts me to say this, but it wasn’t my decision either. At the time when I heard the question, I just went HUH? and that was it. The next day he was castrated.

A castrated cat

Castrating the cat was suppose to help. We wanted to see him, we wanted to touch him and hear him purr.

It’s been a few months, and he’s still running, nothing has changed. He’s still somewhere in the forrest, and he’s probably having the time of he’s life. At least that’s my guess. The only time we get to see him, touch him and hear him purr, is when he’s eating. That’s it. Now he’s got even more energy than before, and his eyes is telling me that he’s not going to stop running for a while.

I want chocolate to be included

Well, I think my crazy cat is hillarious. I’m just thinking, what the h… is happening? The vet told us that the castration wouldn’t make the cat any different at first, but then in a few weeks, or a month, we would experience a completely different cat. Well, I’m still thinking that this is not the service we bought. I’m not sure what we bought, but it sure ain’t this. The cat is still…well… crazy.

Forget about the crazy cat for a second, I know it’s difficult, but try. And think about marketing and the sales process. We all have expectations as customers. We sort of know what we want, and we sure know when we get exactly what we paid for, and when we didn’t get it. Our job is to not only provide exactly what the customer wants, but more. Yes, give them more. Not just the product, but a fantastic wrapping.

I look at the cat, and I’m still thinking about the vet and his smile when I was walking out the door. If he had offered me a chocolate bar, a Snickers, then the extra waiting for the crazy cat to turn into a lazy cat would have been much easier.

The chocolate is just because I love chocolate. It could have been anything really… because the vet’s word is not helping anymore.

20 responses to “Here’s your castrated cat and some chocolate”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    Okay, LOVE that title!!! That’s an eye catcher for sure.

    My brother needs to talk to you. He says no but my sister-in-law brings them home anyway. He gets so frustrated but looses every time. So now let’s see they have 5 dogs, 3 horses, 2 rabbits, 1 genie pig and 2 birds. At the moment that is. Me, I’m a one woman dog owner. I enjoy giving all my love to just one. But, I do love animals.

    Your cat sounds like the one my sister has. Actually, some cat had kittens in her garage and only one ended up hanging around. She eventually lurded him into her home and it took probably four months to get that cat to let her pet him. Yep and that’s after she had him fixed too. But you know what, had she not caught him and brought him in the house, he would have been just like yours.

    But I love how you told this story in relation to what we don online. How many times have we not gotten what we paid for! Okay, I’ve lost count it’s been so many. Which is why I will never do that to my prospects. So really great point here my friend.

    By the way, I’m loving your story telling. Loving it Jens!!! I just love your blog! 🙂


    • jens says:

      Hey Adrienne,

      Your sister-in-law sounds like a fantastic woman 🙂

      The cat is actually inside as I’m writing this. He’s been out for several days, but now he’s laying on the carpet in the living room. Maybe he’s starting to get lazy?

      I love writing personal stories, because there’s a touch of marketing in almost everything we do and experience.

      Thanks a lot for your awesome feedback Adrienne. I always get very excited when I read your comments.

      • Adrienne says:

        She definitely is a huge animal lover! Huge!!!

        So the cat does come inside. Sounds like the life, running around playing and having adventures and then coming inside and relaxing in comfortable surroundings. Oh, what a life.

        I’m so glad you incorporate your personal touch into your posts. I just enjoy reading them. And that is so very sweet of you to say. Wow, I have interesting comments. Well pat myself on the back! I better keep up that great work huh! 🙂

        Have a blessed day Jens!!!

        • jens says:

          You should definitively pat yourself on the back. I really enjoy the positive feedback and it keeps my going a little extra. And the important stuff happens when we do the extra work 🙂

          Thanks again. Now, it’s time to get a new logo for my blog.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, What a great story! Your cat may still calm down, but your vet should be mindful of his promises. You’re absolutely right, better to underpromise and over deliver. Maybe if he gave you pizza and chocolate? 😉

    I’m like Adrienne, I love animals but know my limits. I have one dog and he keeps me busy enough. I have friends who say it’s easier with two dogs because they entertain each other, but I’m not seeing that when I visit them!

    Also like Adrienne, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! Your writing style is enriching and entertaining. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories with us!

    • jens says:

      Hey Carolyn,

      Sorry about the late reply. I’ve been to an amusement park with my kids, and we had a great time.

      I agree, the vet should think about me as well, not just about the cat (the cat doesn’t know what’s happening, I do, and I’m the one paying for it). So, a pizza would have been even better than chocolate 🙂

      I would love to have a dog. What type of dog do you have?

      Thanks a lot for your comment Carolyn. I’m so lucky to have you as my reader.

      • Carolyn says:

        Hi Jens, I am so glad you got to enjoy a nice day at the amusement park with your kids. You’re such a great dad! Did you take them around the amusement park in a wheelbarrow? 🙂

        I have a Cavachon: half Bichon and half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I don’t know if they cross breed dogs in Norway, but Cavachons are very family friendly and non-allergenic.

        I hope you do get a dog someday!

        • jens says:

          No I didn’t bring the wheelbarrow, but I should have. It would have been much easier. Now I had to carry all the bags and hold my youngest kid in the hand at the same time 🙂


  3. Allan Ward says:

    Hi Jens,Great title for the article – it got my attention on Twitter. We’ve had the same experience with our cat – he’s no more affectionate now than he was when we first bought him.

    I heard a phrase once about pets – ‘dogs have owners, cats have slaves’. I think it’s true.

    • jens says:

      Hi Allan,

      That’s great. I love the fact that you found it on Twitter. It’s hard to drive traffic from Twitter alone. I use twitter to communicate and build relations with people, but I don’t get much traffic from it.

      It’s true that cats have slaves 🙂

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and the awesome comment Allan.


  4. Ricardo Nuñez says:

    I laughed reading this post. My family has a cat and a dog, they are both castrated, but the story is different. Both animals are adopted from a shelter and they only give animals for adoption after they get castrated. I think is because the over population of animals in shelters. The cat is an indoor cat and he rarely goes outside, during the day sleeps and plays with the dog, castration didn’t change his behavior, he just sleep, eat and play. He is crazy other ways lol
    By the way, unfortunately in the vet the only ones that get treats are the pets 🙂
    We expect always something, normally sold by a salesman of an Ad, but not always get what we were looking, some extra rewards can help for the extra hassle.

    • jens says:

      Hi Ric,

      Wow, adopted animals sounds like a really great thing to do. I wish I could adopt some animals. But, unfortunately that won’t happen.. my wife won’t let me 🙂

      The next time I see the vet, I’m going to tell him that he should start treating his paying customers better. The cats and dogs are not the ones paying his bill, I am 🙂


  5. Stuart says:

    Crikey, and I don’t own any pets! My next door neighbour has a cute little pug dog though, and I enjoy watching the dog running around, chasing after butterflies.

    Anyway, kudos for including ‘chocolate’ and ‘castrated cats’ in the same post Jens. I was imagining a castrated cat dripping in melted chocolate for a second, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.

    Or do they do that in Norway? Here in Britain, there’s a trend for dumping cats in wheelie bins :-/

    • jens says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Why didn’t I think about dripping the cat in melted chocolate? 🙂

      I’m not sure if there is a trend in Norway when it comes to cats, but it sure aint dumping them in wheelie bins. We’re slave to our cats 🙂


      • Stuart says:

        Yeah, it’s not really a trend; some lady did it once and there was a huge outcry about it. It just seemed ‘British’ to choose a wheelie bin…

        Slave to your cats eh? God forbid if cats ever develop thumbs 😉

    • Carolyn says:

      Hey Stuart, I like your imagination. Dunking a cat in chocolate, though that seems to be a waste of chocolate.

      I wonder if there has been any other blog in the history of the world, that had “castrated” and “chocolate” in the title.

      Stuart, I’m headed over to your blog. I’m a big Bugs Bunny fan. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine nicknamed me “Bugs” because I am such a fan. At least I’m pretty sure that’s why she gave me that nickname… 😉

  6. Srini says:

    Hi Jens,

    This reminds me of my dear old cat,Stripes. She was a fierce lady ,feared even by the dogs in our place. She probably had hundreds of kitten, which our servant used to put in a gunny bag and throw them miles away from home. Some used to come back and were rewarded for their valor by allowing them to stay back.

    Did you know that male cats are called Tom cats,because they simply don’t stay home but philander around. Actually, Tom cats cannot be domesticated. Personally, it is awful to deny a cat it’s part of fun – you are putting them out of a business for which they are born. A castrated cat is neither here nor there. Get a nice female cat and she will stay put at home.

    • jens says:

      Hey Srini,

      I didn’t know that male cats are called Tom cats. I agree with you about the castration, that’s why I said I’m sorry (in the post). It wasn’t my decision, but I knew that it was going to happen sooner or later. We should have gotten a female cat instead, but we were offered this cat and it was so cute 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment Srini.


  7. Trampoline says:

    I think your kids love both indoor and outdoor games.


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