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Here´s My New Project

I decided to present my new project today, this is only for my readers as I am not ready to promote it yet. There might be a few things that I have to do over again and I am not sure what it is or if it´s anything at all. But I think that it´s more important to actually open it to the public, so I can get suggestions on how good it is or how bad it is, and suggestions on things that I should fix.

So today my new project is ready for you, today it´s not only my new project but my new website and online marketing catalog. The domain name is online marketing catalog . com and the reason for this name is that that´s exactly what it is. It´s a catalog of online marketing resources or everything you need regarding online marketing. Well, at the moment there´s nothing there but a link to my blog 🙂

Hopefully sometime soon, a bit after I have received my splash page and banners, and done some marketing campaigns, you will see a lot of various online marketing stuff there.

I hope that you will submit your site and start testing it, and give me your opinion on everything. Do you like the design, do you like the logo, are there things you don´t like? I am here looking forward to hear from you. I want my new site to be awesome, I want it to be everything that I am hoping it to be – but it will take time.

At the moment I have four different memberships. The first one is completely free. Just submit your information and you will be listed in your categories with a link to your site. I can guarantee you that the site will have a lot of visitors soon, but not yet. The second membership is the monthly one. You pay $9.95 per month and you get more text to describe your site, more options and your banners will be part of the rotating banners on the site (they will be everywhere on the site), just look at the two banners that I have there at the moment (by the way they are just a test, and I will delete them as soon as I get some paid members). The third membersip is called advanced and has a little bit more options and last for 90 days, you will get this for only $19.95 (that´s a lot cheaper per month than the $9.95). The fourth and last membership is for for a whole year and has even more options and you get it for $59.95.

I hope that this will be very cheap prices to pay for the kind of marketing I will provide for the catalog. But if you have any opinion about the prices, please contact me or comment this post. Remember, I want feedback on everything.

There´s also a box called featured listings, this will consist of listings from people who have paid their memberships and it will be rotating to every site in the catalog as well.

There are so many options in the catalog and I can´t describe them all at the moment. I hope that you will start to test it and see for yourself, but I reassure you that I will soon be posting about all the features right here in my blog.

If you are thinking about upgrading you would have to have a paypal account as paypal is the only payment processor I use (at least at the moment).

I almost forgot, here´s the link:

At the moment I am tweaking it, but as soon as I feel ready, I will be launching even new features.

2 responses to “Here´s My New Project”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    If it really worked, wouldn’t their alexa rank be higher?

  2. Jens says:

    I agree, why didn’t I think of that 🙂

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