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Helping Seinfeld With His Advertising Campaign For Microsoft

I guess that being paid $10 million for the advertising campaign and appearing with the chairman Bill Gates might be the sole reason why Seinfeld is joining forces with Microsoft, but maybe not.

It might not be the money, and certainly not the fame (even though Seinfeld might be less famous now than 10 years ago). I believe that his reason might be all related to creativity and the opportunity a huge advertisign campaign brings.

Seinfeld is a comedian, and he is a creative person. He is one of the best people in the business, and now he has the chance to work with some of the best people in marketing. The advertising campaign will most likely be really cool, and people will be talking about it for months.

But what is he going to promote?

My first thought was that he can’t be hired to promote something like “start using Microsoft Windows”, because way too many people are already using it. But according to Washington Post, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing, and it’s all because of Apple.

The next question is how?

The first thing that comes to my mind, is the “Get a Mac” ads. But hopefully they will do something completely different, because trying to do the same thing, that would be just plain stupid.

The funny thing is, if you look at most of the Seinfeld episodes, you’ll see a Mac on his desk in the corner. Maybe that’s what they’ll be focusing on in the advertising campaign, that Seinfeld finally switched from his old Mac to a PC, and started using Microsoft Vista?

My tips to a creative and cool campaign

I would go with Truth or dare, Jerry Seinfeld vs Bill Gates.

Jerry Seinfeld asks Bill Gates, truth or dare. When Bill Gates says truth, Jerry Seinfeld should ask “stupid” questions related to Windows Vista, questions that will make Bill Gates laugh at loud (really loud) – this will turn Bill Gates into more of an “ordinary” guy.

When Bill Gates says dare, Jerry Seinfeld should dare him to use a Mac and make him do something that Bill Gates can’t figure out (something funny) – something that’s really easy to do on Windows.

Think about this, when Bill Gates can’t figure out how to do it (he is one of the most respected men on our planet), then who can (LOL)?

A lot of people might be sceptical, but think about it. Some of the brightest minds in marketing are joining forces with Jerry Seinfeld, and Bill Gates is also involved, and Microsoft are going to spend about $300 million on the advertising campaign; the results will most likely be fantastic.

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