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The Heaven and Hell of Blogging

Monday morning, five days ago, I had to call in sick. As soon as I got out of bed at 5.30 a.m., I realized that I should get back in bed and stay there. I did. I slept another two hours, got up, and did the necessary stuff to let the people at work know that I was staying home.


Once up, I checked my email and realized that I hadn’t received any messages from my slymarketing account. It was weird. I usually receive at least 40 emails each night, this morning I hadn’t received any. Then, I visited my blog and I saw it. In big black letters, on the top of the website.

“This Account Has Been Suspended.”


For a few minutes, it felt like I stopped breathing. My stumache turned. Everything I knew about life online dissapeared for a moment. Just for a moment. I felt insecure. I was asking myself all sorts of questions, talking out loud. Why? What happened? I had paid the monthly fee? Was it hackers?

I was about to go back to bed. I wanted to sleep, but now, I couldn’t. I had to know.

Step 1.

I sent an email to support.

I’m in Norway. They’re in the US. I wasn’t sure about the time difference. It was hard to think, but I didn’t know what else to do.

The guy at support responded fast. Less than ten minutes later I had the answer. Well, I didn’t understand the answer, but I had received it. I had the logs, and my website received way too many hits, too much traffic. That’s what the email from support said. Not real traffic, from real people, but from bots and whatever. Well, something like that. I still don’t have a clue what it was about, other than too many hits. The server had actually crashed.

Twenty three emails later, all I understood was that I had to switch from WordPress to Drupal (or to another platform), or start my blog from scratch. That’s the only reason I could keep my blog at their wordpress hosting server. And probably any other server, that’s what they told me.

Step 2.

I wanted to stop blogging. I wanted to quit everything. I have no clue about the technical stuff. I love content. That moment, I was in blogging hell. Everything was dark, it was black, no light at all.

I told support that I had to make up my mind, and maybe cancel my account. If I did, slymarketing would be erased, like it never existed. My life as a blogger, although not a professional one, would stop this very moment.

It’s tuesday morning, about 26 hours later. I was still in bed, when I decided to try Drupal. It was this or stop. I had to give it a shot.

Step 3.

On tuesday evening, after I stayed in bed close to all day, I published a tweet at Twitter and a short question to the discussion forums at digital point. I asked for help. I needed someone to help me migrate from WordPress to Drupal. I was still in blogging hell.

A few minutes later, I received information from a guy at Twitter. He was interested, but not very interested. About 15 minutes after that, I received information from a guy at the discussion forums. He seemed to know a lot about the technical stuff. I gave him the information on the server, and went back to bed.

Step 4.

It was wednesday morning, I was feeling better, and I was off to work. As soon as I opened my email client, I saw a few messages from the guy I met at the discussion forums. He was done, all my content was transferred to my new Drupal website.

I was stunned. He was fast, and I had never thought that it would go that well. I looked at my “new” blog, I was happy, although I also discovered a few problems.

All my comments were gone, suddenly I didn’t have any comments left. I have written a lot of blog posts, now with zero comments.

All the formatting of the blog posts were screwed, all the breaks and paragraphs were gone. Everything was a mess.

I was using Text Link Ads and oio publisher in order to earn money, they didn’t work anymore.

As I’m writing this, it’s saturday, and five days after my visited blogging hell. Text Link Ads and oio publisher are both working. I have still zero comments, and I’m currently reformatting most of my blog posts (about 20 a day).

Drupal is different than WordPress, but even for me, it’s easy to learn and use Drupal. Actually, this is my first blog post using my new platform.

Even though I’m waiting for my new blog design, and currently using a free theme, I’m proud to be back in blogging heaven. I can finally concentrate on writing again, and my cold is almost gone.

All thanks to this guy I met at the discussion forums. It was an awesome feeling.

Honestly. This week has probably been the toughest week in my life as a blogger.

2 responses to “The Heaven and Hell of Blogging”

  1. David Nicol says:


    I use something called Q10, which does the same thing. Q10 is 100% free, as far as I can tell.


  2. Jens says:

    Hi David,

    I have never heard of Q10, I will download it and test it.


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