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Healthspan Christmas Copywriting

A few days ago, I received an interesting offer from my pals at Healthspan. If you’re not familiar with Healthspan, it’s the place on the web where I shop all my vitamins. Their customer service is awesome, their prices are great, and their vitamins are perfect for me (they have a category for vegetarians).

The subject of the email I received was: 5 OFF – Happy Christmas from Healthspan

As I opened the email, I found the real offer was 5 off when you spend 20.

I find this interesting.

They are using the best part of their offer in the subject, they reveal the necessary information in order for me to open up the email.

If I had seen the 5 off when you spend 20, I don’t think that I would have opened the email.

To me, this is great copywriting.

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