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He Told Me That I Was Spamming

I recently got a negative review on StumbleUpon. This from a guy I know nothing about, a guy who probably won’t cross my path ever again.

The review made me think, and it made me realize that negative reviews are important, probably even more important than positive reviews.

When a person I don’t know are saying things about me that I like to hear, it occupies my mind. No doubt about it. It makes me happy.

When a person I don’t know are saying things about me that I don’t like to hear, it occupies my mind even more. Actually, a lot more.

I have asked myself this question; why does a negative review like this occupy my mind?

It shouldn’t matter, because it’s really nothing.

I don’t know him, and what he is saying isn’t true, actually, it’s weird, uninteresting.

On the other hand, it’s interesting, very interesting.

I have done a few tests, just a few.

I’m not the only one who are giving negative reviews more thought. Whenever I wrote a negative feedback or a negative review (they deserved it), I always got a faster respond, and I almost always got a respond. That doesn’t happen with all types of feedback.

It seems that it’s a lot easier to get attention when I’m adding criticism. That’s what I’m thinking, he published the review just to get attention.

Even though he did mean every single word of the review, and he wasn’t looking for attention, I’m a lucky guy.

That’s because there are easy ways to deal with negative reviews online. Actually, there are ways you can benefit from negative reviews, and there are at least 5 ways that negative reviews are good for business.

7 responses to “He Told Me That I Was Spamming”

  1. Gilbert Van Norman says:

    Any review be it negative or positive is only useful if you take it to heart. You have to remember that when someone tells you something it is the source that matters most. If someone who is new tells you that your post is spam and sucks, it might mean nothing and at the same time if an experienced blogger or marketer tells you how to improve your post or blog and you ignore them it is you that is losing.

    Always take comments and replies as a mean to improve yourself. At the same time you should check out the source. Learn from them.

  2. Witto says:

    Great thought-provoking post on a topic I've been pondering recently. You're spot on – negative feedback can be such a fabulous opportunity. It gives you the gift of re-considering your own position. Positive feedback is nice, but you can't do as much with it.

    @Brice: Hey – maybe it's better to provoke an angry response than no response at all. So maybe you should congratulate yourself for receiving the lengthy and rude letter. Just another way of looking at things.

  3. Don’t let that negative comment get to you! In fact I haven’t been using StumbleUpon for a while for that reason. People hanging around their are all too sensitive and it doesn’t worth my time to be honest with you.

  4. Brice says:

    You definitely have to be careful out there these days. I received a very lengthy and rude letter from someone the other day on a forum, for doing something I didn't even know I did. At first I was really angry, but later on I realized that I just had to be more careful.

    There are 100's of “rules” out there on the internet, and if you break them you will undoubtedly make many internet-savvy people angry. It is important to learn from negative reviews, because than you won't make more people angry in the future, which can only hurt you.

  5. Hrbailey says:

    Is this a joke — all the grammatical errors? Are you a satirist?

  6. @Hrbailey, it's no joke 🙂

    Could you please tell me where the grammatical errors are? I'd like to correct them.

  7. Josepgh Hipolito says:

    Is that real sir? I encounter this before, and I said before you said that you check me out first..

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