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He didn’t do much

I’m currently in Denmark. We’ve rented a house in Tisvildeleje (in North Sealand). This is a really beautiful place with an astonishing nature. I’ve been watching the waves, and the long sandy beaches for inspiration.

Today I want to share a story about how powerful, yet simple, great marketing is. And of course, I’m talking about customer service.

There are many reasons why I love visiting Denmark. It feels safe here. It feels sort of like home, even though we’re in a different country. The language is similar. The culture is different, but at the same time, it feels like it’s more or less the same as in Norway. What I’m saying is that everything is different, but it’s close to home in every sense of the word.

Ben & Jerry’s

We visited Copenhagen yesterday. Just when we were going to drive back to the house in Tisvildeleje, I got an idea to search the web to find a place to buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I discovered a place just outside Copenhagen. It was a bit far away, but we could drive to it on our way back to the house. The name was Bakken in Klampenborg. As we arrived, we started to question why so many cars were parked. Suddenly we were surrounded with cars. We had no idea that we had actually not just driven to a place to buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but we had arrived at an amusement park. I can still hear the kids screaming of joy in the backseat.

Nothing beats a surprise like this.

It started with a smile

I keep looking for great marketing. I don’t get to experience it that often. Most of the time it’s ordinary (with big budgets). I’ve seen signs, advertisements, and the regular half price off (the Easter sale) in Denmark. But, one story remains to be told and that’s from the local pizza restaurant in Helsinge. This town is close to Tisvildeleje, and we arrived for lunch after reading reviews at Tripadvisor. The reviews were ok, nothing great, but it was the best (for pizza) close to our place.

The first thing I noticed, as soon as I opened the door, were the smiles of four men behind the counter. They were all wearing red shirts. Making pizza. Talking to customers. Waiting tables. Smiling. Immediately, this felt like the right place for lunch.

The interior and the exterior was nothing out of the ordinary. The food was good (not great). But, what made me realize that this place was my favorite, and a restaurant we would visit several times during our stay in Denmark was how they took care of us (the customers). I’m especially referring to a young boy. He noticed everything I ordered, and added some extra ideas to my order. The next time we arrived, he remembered that I liked garlic (he asked if I wanted extra garlic). He helped us save money, by changing our order a bit.

He really didn’t do much. It was just a few minutes. But, it was all about how he made us feel.

Great marketing makes you excited. It’s what you remember, because you just can’t forget, that’s how excited you are. Great marketing is hidden. You don’t think of it as marketing. It comes natural. It attracts you, forces you to come back and to keep thinking about them. Great marketing makes you refer new customers, because you really want other people to experience what you’ve experienced.

2 responses to “He didn’t do much”

  1. Kai H says:

    The kid who remembered what you ordered is a great excample of solid, hidden but effective marketing. I wonder if they taught him that at the restaurant. Or if his parents just taught him to be attentive and follow-up in general. Anyway Jens, I agree with you, that kid has the power of marketing in him. He probably doesn’t even know it? I believe we, as customers, also have an obligation to tell people like that how we feel about little customer service details. Like the smiles or the fact that they remember you. This will make the people who deliver it feel great. I’m not saying that I always do, I certainly don’t. But, I will make an attempt at remembering when I return tu places like that.

    • I am sure he didn’t know it. I told him that I was impressed and that I appreciated it. And, I noticed his smile. 

      I try to be aware of how people like him makes me feel, and how important they are to make me return and spread the word.

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