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Has Mike Filsaime gone stark raving mad?

Today, actually the last hour or so, I have received a lot of e-mails with the same subject. Yes, it`s the subject you see in my title “Has Mike Filsaime gone stark reving mad?” The reason for this title is that Val Burnett & Vincent Bryant are launching a Firesale today.

A lot of experienced Internet marketers have donated products to this firesale, and Mike Filsaime donated a copy of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript, Power Link Generator AND Viral Friend Generator. This is a lot of value to one Firesale, and that`s why they have been using the title.

Well, the reason they have been using the title is probably because it`s a prewritten email, that all affiliates of the firesale can use if they want to.

So, has Mike Filsaime gone stark raving mad?

No, he has not. He is probably earning a lot of money from this.

But is the firesale any good?

Yes, it seems to be a lot of value for only $47.

I don`t think that I am going to buy it, but I might have a second look and who knows, maybe I will change my mind?

Take a look at Fight For Your Rights Firesale.

One response to “Has Mike Filsaime gone stark raving mad?”

  1. Rayne Lyle says:

    I just got me frist job at ma movie theatre and this realy helps me say active on my feet and to not get bored!!! thank you!!

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