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Hannah Montana Just Made Me Realize

About a week ago, I ordered a new Nintendo Wii game for my daughter. It was Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour. I received it yesterday, and my daughter was very excited. She is playing the game as I am writing this. If you are looking for an awesome game for your 5 year old daughter, you might want to give Hannah Montana a try.

Looking at the receipt, it made me realize that offline marketing should be more like online marketing.

Here’s the receipt.

I have created an arrow, and with red letters I have written “Should be customers who bought… did also buy ….”.

Let me explain why.

Go to Amazon, and look up Twitter Power by Joel Comm. Just below the information about the book, you’ll get the headline “Customers who bought this item also bought”. And you’ll get several very interesting offers that are similar to the one you just bought (or in this case, just had a peek at). It’s very easy to get tempted when you see books with a similar topic.

When you look at the receipt I received from buying Hannah Montana, you can see all sorts of titles.

First of all, all the titles they recommend are DVD’s. Why do they think I am interested in movies, when I bought a Nintendo Wii game?

Second, the titles seems to be random. I bought a Hannah Montana game, they should think that I most likely interested in movies for kids more than adults. They suggest that I buy Twilight, James Bond and Saw V (among others).

They should make an effort to relate the suggested products to what I did buy. It should either be similar games, or Hannah Montana cd’s or movies.

I am not sure how difficult it would be to create a specific paper receipt for each buyer, related to the products she actually bought. But if they did create receipt like that, I bet that they would earn a lot more money.

I am not sure how Amazon are doing it, but have you seen any paper receipts like that?

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