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Why I am saying Yes to guest posts


I love to write, and I consider content a major part of my marketing strategy, and that’s why I keep telling my clients to use WordPress. To me, blogging is what I consider the most powerful way to create content and share it with the world, it’s true if you’re a business and it’s true if you’re just sharing your personal thoughts.

During 2013, I will be accepting a lot more guest posts at my blog, and recently I have accepted guest posts like:

The reason I am accepting a lot more guest posts this year, is that I remember how difficult it was to get started blogging, and how difficult it was to get people to notice me and my blog. I really want to help, not just by providing a backlink to their website, but by giving people a chance to connect with my readers. To me, relationships are a lot more important than a backlink, and I am telling all the people who are guest posting on my blog to reply to all the comments and do their best to connect with the people who are reading their posts.

How to guest post on slymarketing

If you want to guest post on my blog, please read the rules of guest posting first. And, remember that usually, I will publish no more than one guest post a week, so it might take a few weeks before your guest post will be published. After you’ve read the rules of guest posting, and accepted the rules, please send me an email first, where you tell me about the topic of your post and what your plan is. I’ll reply as soon as possible to let you know if I’ll accept the topic and when it will be published.

Are you ready to guest post?

27 responses to “Why I am saying Yes to guest posts”

  1. phaoloo says:

    I prefer this feature to Tweetdeck groups which consume most of my computer resource.

  2. primaryworkathome says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am also using twitter and this is very useful. 🙂

  3. Hi Jens,

    I think it’s the thought behind it all that matters, and once you’ve been through it all, you are better able to understand what a newbie guest author would feel when they try guest posting at various blogs, but their work isn’t accepted that easily.

    I like your idea of not allowing guest posts not more than once a week, though you’d have to be really careful about who you allow, and Google’s rules about not allowing many DoFollow links etc. I’ve also planned to start with frequent guest posts at my blog and have had some wonderful people over so far, though would be making it to 2 guest posts a month, and then gradually perhaps more often. I guess I’d introduce them all gradually to my readers, just in case they miss me 😉

    Thanks for sharing, and have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Kimsea says:

      100% agree, Harleena Singh. But now I am accept the guest post and I plan to allow three post a week one Monday, Wend and Saturday and Sunday. I feel like the guest post is help to improve reputation and sharing each other why have to skip this. Moreover, Accepted only one link for author profile

  4. Bill Dorman says:

    I can barely keep up w/ my own posting…:).

    Good idea, I tried it earlier last year and it worked well; I just ran out of steam keeping up with it….that’s why I’m a half-fast blogger, huh?

  5. Josh says:

    I have been thinking about opening up guest posting on my blog. It is a good way to give back and help others. Of course there is a world between thought and action so I suppose I’ll have to do more than just think about it.

  6. Leora Wenger says:

    Hi, Jens.
    I’ve been accepting guest posts on my blog for a while now, but I must say the process has not been easy. Many of the suggestions I get are rather anonymous writers who seem to just want the link. On the other hand, I’ve had some wonderful posts (especially those on SEO) and made some great contacts via my guests.

    It takes me just as long to write my own posts, as I spend a lot of time going back and forth with the guest author before hitting publish. But the good ones are worthwhile.

    Good luck with your own experiences.

  7. Patrick says:

    I admire your desire to give something back. And if you’re able to manage guest posting (and have effective rules and guidelines in place, as you appear to), it’s a lot easier.

    I’ve only run two guest posts on my blog in nine years, and both have come from people I reached out to rather than the other way around. One day, I might open it up a little for guest posts, but at the moment, I’m just not ready to open that door just yet.

    That and the fact that most of the people who solicit guest posts seem to want to include text links to businesses rather than to provide any real useful content. And not one of them has EVER suggested a specific topic they’d like to write about. It’s not the kind of approach that’d ever make me say “Yes.”

  8. Khaja Moin says:

    Great news Jens,
    Thanks for this.
    Guest posting will be more helpful when interacted with readers with comments, else it`s nothing but just like submitting articles.


  9. Hey Jens,

    Good thoughts here and I imagine accepting guest posts is a heck of a lot more work that most think … looks like Leora confirms that 🙂 I might open up to guest posts one day, but not quite ready.

    Every Monday, I wonder “how much pizza did Jens and his family consume this weekend?” 😉

    • Carolyn says:

      Hey Craig, Maybe Jens could develop an app that would track his family’s pizza consumption each weekend and then share that information with us devoted fans…

  10. Adrienne says:

    I know you were changing things up a little Jens and announced this back at the first of the year. I’m hoping that the guest posts you get now are more to your liking.

    As you know I only have one a month so more then that would be a lot for me since I only post twice a week right now. Keeping up with all those comments is hard but so well worth it.

    I wish you luck with this and so far I’ve enjoyed your guest posts this year. So let’s keep the good ones coming.

    Have a great week Jens.


    • I am struggling with the comments right now, and I am doing my best to understand what I’ll be focusing on in the future. I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts lately, and I have been working hard for my clients as well, but I haven’t been keeping up with comments on my blog and on other blogs, and that’s something I’ve been missing.

  11. I have been thinking about opening up guest posting on my blog. It is a good way to give back and help others. Of course there is a world between thought and action so I suppose I’ll have to do more than just think about it. niceeeeee

  12. Madras Geek says:

    Great thoughts! Would love to send one article for your blog. Soon will contact you. Best wishes.

  13. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, That’s great news. So long as you keep the quality at your high level then you’re bringing variety, information and traffic to your site.

    Just be careful. I visited a non-tech blog today that had a guest author writing about a tech topic. I emailed the blog owner confidentially to tell him that his guest author was 100% wrong on each topic he wrote about. But that’s why it’s so important to keep the topics within your niche, as you’re doing.

  14. Vianney says:

    I am pretty sure that guest posting will actually do us some advantages and I, too, am open to it. 🙂 It’s a give and take situation though.

  15. Arianne says:

    Guest posting is never a bad thing. It is actually a good step to help us gain more success in our niche. 🙂 I’m pro guest posting.

  16. Simona says:

    You are such an angel for accepting guest posts on your blog. You see, most of popular bloggers are reluctant to such an idea, even though they know that newbies could gain something out of it. Kudos for that!

  17. Dan says:

    I encourage you and everybody else to continue to do that. Giving people a chance is great and the fact that you understood that relationships are so important is even better. I storngly belive this that we should all work in order to help each other achieve towards a greater good. Egos are not the key to anything. Cheers and keep up the good work!

  18. yes totally agree with you, content marketing is so popular in marketing because it is the way to make links and build up the relationship.. thanks for sharing it with us..

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