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Guest blogging: Which Sites To Target?

guest blogging

I have one goal for 2012, besides publishing my novel, and that’s to write many guest posts. I haven’t started yet, but mark my words I am going to get started very soon, and before you know it you’ll be seeing me everywhere. That’s mostly because I believe guest posts is an awesome way to connect with people.


This is a very interesting guest post from Jane Sheeba about guest blogging. Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Guest blogging is the best way to bring traffic to your site for free. The only investment for guest blogging is your writing skills. In order to get best results from all your efforts, you should also ensure that your posts land on useful locations. You should spend time to figure out those prominent sites. To achieve this, you can apply various criteria. Let us check the possibilities.

Searching for guest post offers

You can search for sites that welcome guest bloggers. The easiest way to find about those sites is by typing the topic of your choice along-with blog and guest post keywords. You can use ‘+’ delimiter to club two or more words. Google search will give ample number of sites that reflect your search criteria. You can start posting comments on popular blogs of your niche. This will help you get familiar with blog sites and there is a possibility to start dialogue with the sponsors of sites to offer guest postings.

If your contribution through active participation is noticed, there are chances that your offer will be reciprocated for paid or free guest posting. You will get good results by contacting those sites that you are following rather than contacting unknown sites for the very first time.

Parameters of concern

While selecting the list of sites that you can target for your guest blogging venture, you should take into account various parameter of those sites. They are relevancy, page rank, traffic to the site, reputation of the site, ethics followed by the site, frequency of blog postings, SEO part of the potential site, etc. The site you choose to deliver guest post should be relevant to your niche. If not, all your efforts will be futile.

For example, if your niche belongs to stock markets and you are posting guest articles on baby care related websites, you will not be benefited. You should try to narrow down the search to not only the category level but also to sub-category level. As you narrow down the search and target sites closer to your niche, you will get optimum benefit.

Page rank and traffic of the site is also very important. The higher the page rank numbers the better the site for your promotion. Alexa ranking will give you an insight of number of visitors and how long they stay on the site. If you are targeting a site that is performing well and if you get an opportunity to post on such privileged sites, it will be a great opportunity for you to prove your skills. It is an opportunity to attract knowledgeable customers who will not hesitate to visit the link provided by you at the end of the article if they are really motivated by your article.

You can also provide relevant useful information in the author column. There are some sites which perform very well and in fact they are trend setters in your niche. It is really great to get an opportunity to guest post on such premium sites. You will be immensely benefited from the quality audience and your site gets good exposure that is more valuable than paid promotion of any scale.

Social responsibility

You should also select sites that follow ethics. You should choose law-abiding and non-controversial sites. If you want to stay in blogging for a long-term then you are advised to maintain a clean image by promoting sites that add value to the society. It is your turn to associate with useful sites that follow good trade related practices as well.

A little research to this end by sparing few minutes will save your reputation and will not lose the audience that you have built over the years. You will not burn your fingers by wrong association. You can know more about the site by visiting ‘about’ links placed on the site. You can easily find the popularity of a site by connecting yourself with various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. There is no dearth of information on various web pages to know about a particular site. Hence, you can choose sites that are doing well in your niche.

The sites you chose for guest blogging should post articles at regular interval of times and they should post most up-to-date information. They should also engage with readers on regular basis. The comments posted on sites should be responded. The site should be connected through various social networking sites and should update profile and go for promotions. You should also target sites that have right setup to implement SEO.

By engaging with sites that will acknowledge your efforts by offering back-links and forward links will help boost your own site’s performance in the overall SEO domain. In the end, it is not only finding the source for writing but also finding the right destination to land pages in the form of guest postings is very important.

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