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Great Free AdSense Tool

For people trying to earn money using Google AdSense on their site, this new tool that I have just found should be very interesting. I have no idea if it actually works and if you will increase your revenue by using it, but to me it looks awesome. So what am I talking about here?

First, the problem with AdSense is according to this site that “The Google Adwords and AdSense programs are in jeopardy, in jeopardy of losing credibility as a quality pay per click advertisement service because they’ve allowed made for adsense, websites that pay $0.01 – $0.05 per click and destroy your website(s) reputation, to abuse their system. Since Google refuses to solve problem, we at ABL are offering you the solution. When you subscribe to ABL you will be given the opportunity to submit and receive a list of these websites that are costing you a lot of money, potentially. No more links to “sponsored results” pages, forget ads with no relevant content, no more ads linked to cookie-cutter content farms.”

I agree, I just “hate” sites with no content other than Ads, and I see them all the time. Why are Google allowing sites like that? I have been banned by AdSense and can´t get AdSense ads on my blog, and I still don´t know what I did wrong. But enough of me attacking Google, now to the part where I tell you why you should consider this free tool / site.

According to their website there are three main reasons why you should join:

1) Increase your adsense revenue up to 50%
2) Increase the reputation of your website by NOT linking to Made for Adsense sites
3) Save the quality of contextual advertising in global

Since I am not using AdSense, this is not for me 🙂 And therefore I can´t tell you if it works or not, but I think that you should really think about testing it if you are using AdSense today. It´s free and I don´t think it can hurt your site and your revenue by trying.

Oh, I almost forgot, you probably need the URL …

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