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The Grand Opening

Yesterday, we had our grand opening at the college. I am calling it the grand opening, because it’s probably the most important day of the year for our (any) college. It’s the day where all the new students are being registered as students, and it’s their first glimpse at our college from the inside.

I think that this might be our first attempt to create a Purple Cow.

Do you see the fortress below?

I think you do. This is where we had our grand opening this year. By the way, It was during the summer and not the winter as the picture is showing.

Usually, the grand opening is nothing out of the ordinary. To be frankly, they have been rather boring.

Untill this year, all new students (about 1,500) have been gathering in the gym, sweating and listening to several speeches and some local artists. I am hoping not too many of my colleagues are reading this.

The reason why we have been doing “the boring stuff” for years, is because we haven’t thought of it as marketing.

This year we did what we should have been doing a long time ago. We are trying to create a Purple Cow, we are trying to become remarkable.

We created a show for our new students. We did it at the fortress, with a celebrity host and a really cool and famous rock band. I think our new students had a really good time, and I think that they have a different view of our college now. Our college is way cooler than they thought (hopefully).

The problem with this way of creating a Purple Cow, is that it can become a very expensive lesson. It’s hard to create a better show next year without using more money. And several other colleges (our competitors) are trying to do the same, and some of them will create better shows eventually (maybe some already did this year).

Now, actually, I really don’t think that this can be called a Purple Cow, and the reason for this is that it’s really not related to our college and it’s probably not a way to attract students. Students won’t be attracted to something that has nothing to do with education or life as a student.

The grand opening might just be a gimmick, but at the same time, it will help spread the word of our college as a cool place to start, don’t you think?

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