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Turn smiles into goosebumps


Start your day with one goal in mind; make people smile. If you make them smile, and measure the number of smiles you get, instead of the number of visitors to your website, you’ll start to see some results fairly soon.


Ask yourself; who do you remember and why?

The people and businesses you remember are most likely successful. The people and businesses you remember are making you feel something … make people feel something good about you.


Turn the smiles into goosebumps. When you do, people will never forget you.

2 responses to “Turn smiles into goosebumps”

  1. Kai says:

    I just made the cashier at my local bakery laugh. She told me she’s a massage therapist. She lost her wedding ring. Removes it when she gives a massage. I suggested that from now on she should place the ring between the rear cheeks of her customers while performing the massage. She loved the idea. The other bakery customer had a good laugh as well. I’ll keep counting.

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